Thursday, March 02, 2000

Toy Vault's Barrow-Wight - Xoanon @ 15:54 PST
The good folks at Toy Vault have sent me thier latest group of images and still via CD (a very cool idea by the way) and I've posted a few for your viewing pleasure.

From: Toy Vault

'The Barrow-Wights are some of the best characters in the series," said Jon Huston, creative director of Toy Vault. "The wights in Middle-earth had tremendous powers. They were able to effect the minds of hobbits and humans, effect the weather, and cast spells to achieve their ends. when Frodo met the wight, Gandalf felt that moment was more dangerous than when Frodo met the Nazgul on Weathertop"

The Barrow-Woght is a six-inch figure featuring eleven points of articulation; a colored plastic gem is implanted in the skull of the figure so that light is reflected through the eyes. The Barrow-Wight will be released in three versions:

The Barrow-Wight ($12.95)
The evil Spirit of Angmar ($14.95)
The Nocturnal Barrow-wight ($12.95)

Concept Art

More Concept Art

Concept painting and the final product (almost)

Barrow-Wight Accessories

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