Saturday, February 26, 2000

The News at Mithril - Xoanon @ 12:59 PST
From the good folks at Mithril:

The news at Mithril:-

We have new e-mail addresses, the old will continue to be monitored, but the new addresses should be an improvement. The system is as follows:- - General e-mail - Mail order enquiries - Trade enquiries - Web site related issues - Mailing list requests

The auction of the production master figures will finish next Tuesday (Feb 29th) for "The Prancing Pony". More details can be found here.

Reservations for sets for LR11-20 release are now in full swing - order early if you would like the same numbers as the first set. Pictures of the all ten are available here.

The out of production figures (m309 to m357) are now selling fast so if you need to complete your collection have a look here.

Adam Dawson
Web Master Mithril