Saturday, July 21, 2007

WetaNZ Newsletter #2, July 2007 - Xoanon @ 12:07 PST

Greetings from the Weta Team

Howdy folks! Here's a run down of what's been happening at Weta HQ this month - we've been busy little Weta's!

Doctor Who range announced!

Today we announced our plans to create a line of Weta Collectible statues based on the hugely popular BBC Worldwide television series, Doctor Who - EXTERMINATE!!

ManMelter Pre-Ordering Open!

Pre-ordering for the ManMelter opens this Friday to the general public! Pre-ordering has been open for seven days to our VIP clients, so if you want to secure one of these popular Rayguns, better do it sooner rather than later!

Weta's Halo3 work revealed

We can finally reveal what we've been working on for the last couple of months here at Weta Workshop - the Halo3 short films! The Live Action Trailer we've been working on for the Halo3 short films teased fans at this years E3 conference and interest in this teaser has been massive.

Weta Comic Convention line up revealed

Holy Guacamole! It's less than one week until the San Diego Comic Convention and we just can't wait to get over to the Northern Hemisphere Summer! We'll be revealing a bunch of goodies and selling exclusive items at this show, so be prepared, attendees!

Eight year old wins Weta art tutorial

Quite possibly the cutest eight year old in the world visited us in the workshop this month. Melissa Chu-Fong was the winner of a colouring competition for a Children's Book we illustrated, titled 'Paddy The Wanderer'. Her prize? A three hour workshop with Concept Designer Rebekah Tisch. Sweet as!

Weta Influences Graffiti artist

This one's from the fan files: Twenty one year old John lives in Sulphur Springs, Texas. He recently got his first ever tattoo - and guess what it was? The very illustration the Hellgate: London team created for the Male Templar in the game! For the living!

Black Sheep Director talks about working with Weta

Fair Game radio Interviewer Faith Salie gives a hilarious interview with Black Sheep director Jonathon King and asks him about his relationship with sheep. "Sheep are easily distracted and get bored easily", he told the programme. "They're rather like actors; feed them and tell them exactly what to do."

Q&A with Jane and The Dragon designers

A big thanks to those of you who joined us at the Weta Forums for the online Q&A session with Jane and The Dragon concept designers, Frank Victoria and Rebekah Tisch. There was talk of costumes, runes and even Dragon made a mention ... as expected! Check out the highlights if you missed out!

Weta Bug sneaks camera into Exhibition

You can't take that Bug anywhere - she'll record anything and everything. Last month she was at the Lonely Dog exhibition in Auckland, and took this vid of one of the performers - 'Sir Pepperford Trousers' he called himself...

Weta Rayguns delivery dates updated

Unfortunately we have had to update the delivery schedule for these items. Please see the new timetable: Goliathon 83 Infinity Beam Projector: pre-order NOW, released July 07; F.M.O.M. Industries Wave Disruptor Gun: pre-order NOW, released August 07;   ManMelter 3600ZX Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol: pre-order from FRIDAY 20 JULY, released September 07.

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer inspires Weta Designer

Well, stranger things have happened! Not that we blame them...Weta Designers Daniel Falconer and Chris Guise reveal more designs from the Champ The Chopper children's book - featuring influences of Michelle Pfeiffer, apparently! Or maybe that's just an excuse to get to meet her...

Exclusive Jane and The Dragon Concept Art revealed

Frank the Frenchman does it again. As one of the concept designers that worked on Jane and The Dragon, Frank Victoria runs us through some never seen before designs from Pepper's hangout, the Castle Kitchen, and reveals some never before aired plotlines - involving claustrophobia and young crushes

Rocky's got nothing on Trocky

What's a decent make believe universe without some jaw dropping testimonials! Every week, the Grordbort's website reveals two new testimonials from the wonderful madness that is Raygun, well, madness! This week, a character named 'Trocky' to his friends

'Lease' is the word

As luck would have it, a Peter Jackson 'wildcard' pic won the National 48 Hour Film Competition. Team Lense Flare did a wonderful rendition of a modern musical, titled 'Lease', mixing Rave, Hip Hop, Emo, Metal and Folk into a hilarious six and a half minute one off masterpiece. Check it out music lovers!

Franklin celebrates opening with Weta sculpture

Kiwi District Franklin celebrated the opening of their cultural centre with a party last month, and the star of the show? A very rare King Kong sculpture by Weta maestro, David Meng. The piece is one of only two bronzes like it in the world. Luh-ky!

Boils & Pimples: How we make people look scary

Our Prosthetics wizard Gino Acevedo appeared on NZ television programme Nightline, and revealed a few make up secrets of the trade, including a make up demonstration and revealed his collection of famous faces decorating the wall here at Weta Workshop, including Eddie Murphy and Geena Davis' face casts!

A bird? A plane?

No, its Super Special Effects! Weta Bug interviews Superman Returns SFX maestro Neil Corbould on the making of the film, and finds out just how he and his team made the man in blue tights and red undies fly...

Exclusive Kongcept Artwork

Every week we bring you never seen before pix from the design archives, giving you a sneek peek of the illustrations that were created for the film. We've got new images from Designers Christian Pearce and Greg Broadmore, who share their unique sense of humour with us as they reveal what went into these awesome images...

From LA to NZ

Prosthetics Supervisor Gino Acevedo sits down with National Radio's Katherine Ryan to talk about the journey from Los Angeles, California, to Miramar, New Zealand, and talks about the little known projects he's worked on, alongside anecdotes from King Kong, The Lord Of The Rings and Alien3.

The Lurrrve Bug

We recently funded a study dedicated to learning more about the insect we were named after, the Weta. And the study found that a male bug will walk for miles to find a friendly lady Bug to make baby Weta's!

Capital F for Fun

Wellington kids museum Capital E recently welcomed thousands of Jane and the Dragon fans for screenings of the television series, and Weta Bug tagged along to find out what the kids thought. There was a television screening the series in the foyer, and as soon as the kids finished watching it on the big screen in the main hall, they ended up plastered to the TV screen!

Paddy The Wanderer

A new children's book about an adventurous New Zealand dog, features Illustrations by Weta Workshop designers Frank Victoria and Rebekah Tisch. Frank walks us through the illustrations he created for the book, and why he associates moustaches with positions of authority...

That's it from the team here at Weta for now.

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