Friday, June 08, 2007

Weta Press: FMOM Pre ordering opens - Xoanon @ 12:35 PST
Pre-ordering opening for Wave Disrupter Raygun

Weta Limited will open pre-ordering for the F.M.O.M. Industries Wave Disrupter Gun to their VIP members on Friday 15 June. Pre-ordering for members of the public will open exactly one week later, on Friday 22 June.

The F.M.O.M. has many articulated parts and as such should only be operated by adults or very clever children. This 17 inch-long beast makes other Rayguns look like inferior stumps and its additional length can make other users feel inadequate or underprivileged.

The F.M.O.M. is a high end collectible piece, with only 500 made worldwide, all handcrafted and made out of metal with some glass parts. It comes with its own velvet lined pressed tin case (which doubles as display stand), Certificate of Authenticity and an assortment of implements and crafting tools. It weighs approximately seven pounds.

Weta recently revealed their ‘buy one win the other two’ Rayguns promotion, which was launched with a tongue in cheek informercial, calling the F.M.O.M a “weapon of mass distraction” and depicting it interacting with a four legged farm animal.

The F.M.O.M. is the second of the Rayguns to be released for pre-ordering. The third, affectionately titled the ‘ManMelter’, will open for pre-ordering in July. VIP members will be given seven days to pre-order their ManMelter before the general public. Customers may spread their payments across regular instalments via Weta’s ‘lay-away’ scheme.

Pre-ordering is the only way to secure the weapon because of its low edition number. Customers are encouraged to secure their Raygun as soon as possible to ensure they do not miss out. The F.M.O.M. will be available for delivery in late July.

The F.M.O.M. may be pre-ordered by logging on here