Thursday, May 31, 2007



Who is the mysterious Dr Grordbort, and what has he got to do with New Zealand’s legendary multi Academy Award® winning Weta Workshop? Well, it seems that Grordbort has reached out from his parallel universe and appointed Weta Limited to manufacture his awesome range of Rayguns.

With names such as the MANMELTER 3600ZX Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol; the F.M.O.M. INDUSTRIES Wave Disrupter Gun, or even the GOLIATHON 83 Infinity Beam Projector, you know that these have been created by a truly warped mind!

Handcrafted, and constructed from metal with some glass parts; they are truly limited edition pieces. Each one weighs between 71/2 and 10 lbs, and comes in a beautiful velvet lined metal presentation case. Each Raygun costs US$690.00 plus taxes, but Grordbort and Weta Limited have come up with an amazing promotion.

Everyone who purchases any of the three Raygun models will go into a draw to win the other two, so one lucky purchaser will have the whole set.

Only 500 of each of the three models will be made worldwide for collectors, so the odds of winning are not bad at all! The lucky winner will also get a one-off commemorative certificate personally signed by Greg Broadmore, Grordbort’s lead designer, and Richard Taylor, the founder and head of Weta Workshop.

Due to the manufacturing process, Weta Limited are planning a staggered release of the Rayguns. Check out the whole story at, and if you want to see more of Dr Grordbort’s parallel universe, see the crazy infomercial here.

About the Weta Originals Rayguns

The Rayguns: Dr Grordborts Infallible Aether Oscillators, is a line of 1:1 scale antique styled, sci-fi hand weapon props. With charming 1900s contraption styling and finish, the Rayguns evoke the nostalgia of a lost age of exploration and discovery, and possess an intentional sense of humour and fun in their design.

The three Rayguns are the first pieces to be revealed from the limited edition Weta Originals range. The concept of the Weta Originals line stemmed from the abundance of creativity that thrives at Weta Workshop under the Direction of Oscar® Award winner, Richard Taylor.

The guns are limited edition pieces. There are only 500 of each gun made worldwide, all of which are handcrafted and made out of metal with some glass parts. Every Raygun comes with its own velvet lined pressed tin case, Certificate of Authenticity and an assortment of implements and crafting tools. Not only that, these bad boys will be a decent punch of metal – with each gun weighing in at over 7 pounds each these are no light investment.

Each Raygun retails at NZ $1165.00 (incl GST) / US $690 plus taxes and will be on sale in the coming months. Weta Originals will also reveal a further piece at this years’ San Diego Comic Convention in July.
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