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Sideshow Collectibles Newsletter - Date: 5/17/2007



Special Announcements

Spectacular Sideshow activities planned for Star Wars Celebration IV attendees!

CLICK HEREIf you will be attending Star Wars Celebrtion IV in Los Angeles from Thursday, May 24th through Monday, May 28th, Sideshow has a lot of cool stuff in store for you. In addition to our panel at 2:30 PM on Saturday, May 26th, we'll have plenty of fun activities going on at our booth, including meet-and-greets with some of the Sideshow artists and staff, FREE goodies, new products on display, store specials, and more! Plus, we have special, FREE Sideshow Star Wars Gift Cards to hand out on a first come, first served basis, worth from $5-$50 toward select IN STOCK product at, and featuring a special 30th Anniversary design! Come find us at Booth #410... we'll have the drool buckets ready! (Please note: The Gift Cards can only be redeemed online and cannot be used to purchase any items on the show floor.) [CIV news]

Not attending CIV? Join us for the online celebration!

True to Sideshow style, online participants of CIV will not be left out! We will have multiple web cams broadcasting live images of the crowds and collectibles, new product previews, special Star Wars themed Production Blog and Ask Sideshow entries, photo galleries updated daily from the booth, cool contests, new Second Chance opportunities, and more. Our Customer Service department will be operating during normal business hours on Thursday, May 24th and Friday, May 25th, but closed on Monday, May 28th in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. Be sure to tune in to our Celebration IV homepage from Thursday, May 24th through Monday, May 28th to find out what's in store for non-attendees during the show! [Sideshow's CIV homepage]

Important information about picking up 30th Anniversary Exclusives...

CLICK HEREWe wanted to remind you of a few things that will make the pick up of your Star Wars 30th Anniversary exclusives quick and easy with Sideshow's 'Collect-n-Go' program! For your convenience, Sideshow Collectibles will be distributing the orders based on your last name. We will have two lines at our store front to assist collectors who are picking up exclusives, one line will be for collectors whose last names begin with A-M, the other line will be for collectors whose last names begin with N-Z. Please make sure that you choose the appropriate line for picking up your items. If you experience long lines upon your arrival, you have the option of returning to pick up your item anytime during the show prior to Noon on Sunday, May 27th. When picking up your item, you will be required to show a PICTURE ID as well as your emailed INVOICE. If you have not received your emailed invoice, please e-mail or call 1-800-474-3746 (within the U.S.) for assistance. If you missed out on pre-ordering these exclusives, we suggest you sign up for the Non-Attendee Wait Lists, as we cannot guarantee that there will be any available for walk-up orders at the show on Monday, May 28th. **If you are a Non-Attendee, your orders are estimated to begin shipping very soon, so watch for your notices! [30th Anniversary Exclusives][CIV Attendee FAQ][Non-Attendee FAQ]


Preview our next 2007 Comic-Con Exclusive today!

CLICK HEREToday we're giving our collectors another look at the Black Hole Stormtrooper VCD figure, the fourth release in our 2007 Comic-Con Exclusive line up! Follow the link to get a glimpse and find out about Priority Pre-Ordering this dark soldeir of the Empire. Please remember that this Comic-Con Exclusive will not pre-order until AFTER the Star Wars Celebration IV festivities have concluded. If you are interested in getting your hands on the Black Hole Stormtrooper VCD, remember to mark your calendars for Thursday, May 31st at 10 AM (PT) for Attendees, and Friday, June 1st at 10 AM (PT) for Non-Attendees! [Black Hole Stormtrooper VCD preview & PPO info]

Attendees - Pre-Order your Weapon X set today!

CLICK HEREIf you will be ATTENDNG the San Diego Comic-Con in July, you can pre-order our Weapon X Marvel Archive mini prop set right now! Then, on Friday, May 18th, at 10 AM (PT), Non-Attendees will get their shot at this unique collectible during the Non-Attendee Priority Pre-Ordering event! Make sure you are qualified for PPO, as we expect that the Non-Attendee allotment may sell through pretty fast, due to its low edition size. Missed out on any of our first three Comic-Con Exclusives? Place your pre-orders before it's too late! (When placing your pre-orders for our Comic-Con Exclusives, please remember that these purchases are not applicable for coupon, gift card, or reward point redemption, but you will EARN Sideshow Rewards on purchases made online.) [Pre-Order for ATTENDEES][Non-Attendee PPO info][Sideshow's 2007 Comic-Con Exclusives]

Processing and shipping schedules for Comic-Con Exclusives posted...

CLICK HEREFor the convenience of our collectors, we have posted a processing and shipping schedule for our Attendee and Non-Attendee Comic-Con Exclusives. You can find this schedule on the right-hand side of our Comic-Con Exclusive page! If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed in the helpful convention FAQ's, please feel free to email our friendly Customer Service department at: [Con Exclusive schedules][Attendee FAQ][Non-Attendee FAQ]

Ministry of Information

Sideshow wishes John Wayne a Happy 100th Birthday!

CLICK HEREShould we technically be celebrating someone's birthday if that person is deceased? Well, we should if it's John Wayne! Take this chance to remember The Duke with us by visiting the following link and leaving your comments in remembrance of John Wayne. Tell us about the first time you saw one of his movies, maybe, or how those movies make you feel. Plus, don't forget to enter to win a John Wayne 12-inch figure, decked out in his iconic Tigerstripe camo! While you're there, send an e-card to a few friends to help them remember to pay a little tribute this month to one of America's greatest film legends, in memory of his 100th birthday.[Celebrate John Wayne's 100th Birthday]

New homepage poll celebrates 100 years of John Wayne!

CLICK HEREIn celebration of 100 Years of John Wayne, we've posted a new homepage poll asking for our collectors' opinions about this huge star of the silver screen! We want to know: In which of John Wayne's popular films do you think he give his best performance? Of course, we couldn't list ALL of his over-170 films, but we think we picked some darn good ones! Our weekly poll is located through the red banner on the right side of our homepage, directly above the Pre-Order Products area. Don't forget to leave your comments letting us know which film demonstrates your favorite representation of The Duke, even if it's not on our list! [Participate in the poll][Discuss it with fellow fans of The Duke][Celebrate John Wayne's 100th Birthday]

Sideshow Newsletter

General Interest

Pre-Order Tonner Character Figures from Spider-Man 3 today!

CLICK HERESideshow is proud to introduce the 'Spider-Man 3' Tonner Character Figures (TCF) collection to our website! Each figure stands approximately 16 to 17 inches tall and is fully dressed in detailed costumes, featuring Spider-Man in his classic costume, Peter Parker in his street clothes, Mary Jane in her ball gown, and Gwen Stacy in her black dress. Don't even think about pre-ordering these figures anywhere else, or you'll miss out on earning Sideshow Rewards points! Pre-ordering for all four figures has begun at! [Spider-Man 3 Tonner Character Figures]

They're on a mission from God!

CLICK HERECLICK HEREThese miniature, big-headed, bobbly Blues Brothers are ready to display at home, office, or on the dashboard! Complete with sunglasses and poses full of attitude at a very affordable price, the Jake and Elwood bobble heads will make perfect gifts for the Blues Brothers fans in your life. If there is such a thing as a must-have bobble head, the Blues Brothers are it! Pre-order today! [Jake Blues Bobble Head] [Elwood Blues Bobble Head]

Chucky gets bobbled!

CLICK HEREWe all know that Chucky has become a modern horror icon, slashing his way through film after film, with a growing body count and a growing family. But we're willing to bet that you've never seen him quite like this before - as a bobble head, delivering the maniacal, bouncy-headed doll as the perfect gift or desk accessory! Now pre-ordering at! [Chucky Bobble Head]

Hot Toys Rocky figures are ready to knock out Sideshow collectors!

CLICK HEREYo, Sideshow fans! We're super excited to give collectors a chance to snag popular Rocky figures at affordable prices - coming soon to! Preview the Hot Toys Rocky 1/6th scale figures today, including the super limited Clubber Lang in street clothes, complete with his iconic gold chains and leather satchel. Stay tuned to our newsletters for pre-ordering opportunities! [Preview Hot Toys Rocky figures]

More Bobble Heads coming soon, including Animal House and the Mondoshawan from 5th Element!

CLICK HEREWe think you'll agree that John 'Bluto' Blutarsky is the perfect subject for a new bobble head! And you've never seen anything like the upcoming Mondoshawan bobble, direct from the film 'The 5th Element'. Plus, we have another more Rocky bobble-headed boxer to add to the mix - the mean-hittin' machine, Ivan Drago! Follow the link for the preview of all three of these upcoming bobble heads, and watch our newsletters for pre-ordering information. [Preview upcoming Bobble Heads] [View all Bobble Heads]

Pre-Ordering has begun for this sexy Witchblade figure!

CLICK HEREThe deadly beauty, Masane Amaha, is the lead character (and blade-wielder) of 'Witchblade', an anime series based on the famous American comic book by the same name. Instead of an adaptation of the original story, the producers decided to create an entire new story, with all new characters including this depiction of Masane. Manufactured by Organic, USA, this PVC figure is 8 inches tall and comes equipped with one arm blade and display base! Pre-order today! [Masane Amaha PVC figure] [More figures from Organic, USA]

Another cool Streetfighter figure from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles!

CLICK HEREWe're excited to preview the second offering from Jerry Macaluso's Pop Culture Shock Collectibles: the Ryu and Evil Ryu mixed media 18-inch statues, straight out of the video game, 'Streetfighter'! The black-suited, red-eyed, Evil version of this wandering warrior is limited to only 150 pieces imported into the U.S. and will only be available at outside of Japan! Click the link to get a sneak peek, and watch our newsletters for more details, soon to come! [Preview Ryu and Evil Ryu] [Shin Akuma statue - WAIT LIST ONLY]


Share your memories of Dad for a chance to win!

CLICK HERETell us a little bit about your Dad and why you think he's the best father ever and you could win a John Wayne Premium Format figure, which you can choose to keep for yourself or ship directly to your Dad! Follow the link for complete contest instructions (make sure to read the terms and conditions!), and submit your entry before 11:59 PM Monday, May 28th to be eligible to win! [Father's Day Contest]


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