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Sideshow Collectibles Newsletter - Xoanon @ 00:00 PST

Sideshow Collectibles Newsletter - Date: 5/3/2007

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  • Special Announcements: Sideshow to distribute Tonner figures, Spidey collectibles on Ellen DeGeneres, and more!
  • Comic-Con: Pre-Ordering has begun for Con Exclusives and more...
  • Ministry: Awesome new podcast posted and much more!
  • LOTR: Exclusive Legolas on Second Chance and King of the Dead coupon in the podcast!
  • Wait List and Stock Status updates
  • Shipping Updates, Now Shipping, and Coming Soon

    Special Announcements

    Sideshow to distribute Tonner figures!

    CLICK HEREAs one of the premiere manufacturers of large scale, articulated figures, the team at Sideshow Collectibles has always held the work of Tonner Doll Corporation in the utmost regard. Now we are incredibly thrilled to announce that these impressive designs will soon be available directly to our collectors, distributors, and retailers! We hope to create even more fans of the incredible costuming and superb detail of the Tonner figures through this exciting new distribution partnership. As always, keep a close eye on our weekly newsletter for all the updates and ordering opportunities, soon to come! [Tonner distribution - Coming Soon!]

    Sideshow's Spider-Man 3 collectibles to be featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

    CLICK HEREMake sure to set your TiVo for tomorrow's episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which will feature a few of our super 'Spider-Man 3' collectibles during her interview with Spidey himself, Tobey Maguire! In the Los Angeles area, you can tune into KNBC Channel 4 at 4:00 PM (Pacific Time, of course) to catch the show, or you can use the following handy link to find out when and on what channel it will air in your city. We heard that the mini busts even got a chance to don cute little sombreros in celebration of Cinqo de Mayo - don't miss it! [Ellen DeGeneres showtimes]

    All the cool kids are wearing it...

    CLICK HERESideshow Apparel has hit the streets! Now's your chance to stand out from the crowd and show your support of the most awesome collectible company out there... Sideshow Collectibles - hey, that's us! Now we're extending an invitation to those of you who have placed your order for SSC Apparel: snap a photo of yourselves modeling the garb, submit it to us using our online photo submission form, and we'll feature YOU on the product pages for those items! (Don't worry, you don't need to include your face if you don't want to - wear a mask, or show off your smiling mug - either way works for us.) Disclaimer: Sideshow assumes no responsibility for those collectors who, struck by their new-found celebrity status, start singing, "I'm too sexy for this shirt, too sexy for this shirt..." [Order Sideshow Apparel][Online Photo Submission Form]


    2007 Comic-Con Exclusive Priority Pre-Ordering has begun!

    CLICK HERECLICK HEREThis week has been all Spider-Man, all the time at Sideshow, including the Priority Pre-Order for our first 2007 Comic-Con Exclusive, the Black Suited Spider-Man mini bust! If you will be ATTENDING the con, held in San Diego from July 25th-29th, you can pre-order RIGHT NOW, or you can wait for the Non-Attendee allotment to begin Priority Pre-Ordering at 10 AM (PT) tomorrow, Friday, May 4th. The Sideshow 360 QTVR turnaround for this item has also been posted - you can check it out on the Attendee pre-order page now! This bust is limited to a total of only 1500 pieces worldwide, so if you're a Non-Attendee, make sure to participate in the Priority Pre-Order before rushing out to see 'Spider-Man 3' in theaters tomorrow! [Non-Attendee PPO info][Pre-Order the Attendee edition]

    Super secret Comic-Con Exclusive to be revealed next Thursday!

    CLICK HEREWe apologize, but due to internal restrictions set forth by our corporate spokesman, we are unable to post any images or information about next week's Comic-Con Exclusive prior to the Attendee PPO event. Yes, the Web Team has been censured, but we assure you that you won't want to miss it - believe us, that would be HORR-ible! So, if you will be an ATTENDEE of Comic-Con, be sure to place your Priority Pre-Order on Thursday morning, May 10th at 10 AM (PT), and if you are a NON-ATTENDEE, we'll see you on Friday, May 11th, also at 10 AM (PT). And remember to watch our 2007 Comic-Con homepage for all the up-to-the-minute convention news! [2007 Comic-Con Exclusive PPO schedule][Sideshow's Comic-Con homepage]


    Sideshow's Spider-Man Week delivers desirable deals!

    CLICK HERECLICK HEREAnd not just on Spidey product either! Our Spider-Man Week discounts stretch across many of our most popular collectibles licenses, including LOTR, Aliens, Electric Tiki, and those adorable Insanely Twisted Rabbits! Not only that, but we have a special spider who randomly applies 'radioactive' deals to some awesome stuff! Be on the lookout to swat the spider and take advantage of the savings, going on now through Monday, May 7th at! [Sideshow's Spider-Man Week Specials][Read more about our radioactive, super-saving spider]

    Don't get left out in the cold without your favorite collectible...

    CLICK HEREMake sure you are signed up for our Express Updates newsletter interest! Last week, Express Updates members scooped up five long-lost Cigarette Smoking Man exclusive figures! Don't miss out, sign up today through your newsletter account at! You just never know when when we're going to let another long-lost collectible or exciting new announcement loose on our collectors next! [Sign in to your Newsletter account]

    Ministry of Information

    Podcast, podcast, podcast!

    CLICK HEREDon't miss the latest wild-and-wacky episode of Sideshow Radio, featuring Comic-Con news and more info about our six con Exclusives, a special Kevin Smith 'Sideshow Radio' plug, a 'Spider-Man 3' review from's Tim Lammers (as well as a short snippet from Halle Berry on her 'X-Men' outlook), and last, but NEVER least, another riveting installment of 'Huntin' for Bounty' - this time taking on the army of the living dead! (By the way, don't worry, zombies aren't real.) Download the May 3rd episode right now at, or you can subscribe through iTunes! (If you do subscribe through iTunes, please not that it can take up to 24 hours for the Apple feed to update with the newest episode.)[Download the May 3rd podcast][Let us know what you think!][Subscribe via iTunes]

    Don't forget to get your hands on a copy of Children of Hurin!

    CLICK HEREThat is, if you can find it anywhere! It seems that the new book by J.R.R. Tolkien is SOLD OUT almost everywhere! 450 lucky fans in New York City managed to grab not only a whole truckload of the books, but they were also first editions that had been signed by the professor's son, Christopher Tolkien, and artist Alan Lee! Sideshow reporter, Larry Curtis, was there to bring us the whole scoop on the NYC line party - follow the link to read all about it and view the photo gallery.[Children of Hurin line report]

    The newest Harry Potter trailer is definitely a doozy!

    CLICK HEREIn celebration of our exciting Tonner distribution announcement and the fact that Sideshow will be carrying their fantastic Harry Potter line of collectible figures, we'd like to make sure EVERYONE watches the new 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' film trailer! Although most of our web-savvy collectors have probably caught it online already, we suggest a second look, as it just gets better and better with multiple viewings! One of the most anticipated films in a summer full of sure-to-be-incredible theater experiences, this trailer has really knocked our socks off![Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix trailer][Official film site]

    Sideshow is looking for a few good processing reps!

    As we continue to grow as a business, we find ourselves constantly in need of high quality staff, this time in the form of Processing Representatives within our Customer Service department. If you are located in the LOS ANGELES area (please don't apply if you live outside of the LA area!), and are interested in working in our Processing Department, please send a resume and cover letter to, or fax it to 805-214-2190.

    Sideshow Newsletter

    Lord of the Rings

    Don't miss out on the Legolas Exclusive this time!

    CLICK HEREOur detailed and accessory-laden Sideshow Exclusive Legolas Greenleaf 12-inch figure is back for seconds! Less than 15 have been uncovered hiding out in the warehouse, so grab yours before all those other Legolas-loving LOTR fans swipe them out from under you! [Exclusive Legolas - SECOND CHANCE]

    Uncover a valuable LOTR e-coupon in our May 3rd podcast!

    CLICK HEREWe're offering BIG savings on the King of the Dead statue, but you'll have to listen to the May 3rd edition of Sideshow Radio to uncover the coupon code! One thing to remember: this e-coupon is time sensitive and only good while supplies last, so download and listen to the podcast right away! [Download the May 3rd podcast]


    Film Food & Figure Friday joins the Spidey fun tomorrow!

    CLICK HEREOur May Film, Food & Figure Friday is almost upon us! This month we're offering a special Spider-Man prize pack, which includes a Spider-Man 3 mini bust, a 'Spider-Man 2.1' 2-disc DVD, and a big box of crunchy, buttery popcorn! Don't forget to tune into TOMORROW, Friday, May 4th, from 9 AM to 6 PM (PT) to enter for your chance to win. (Please note: The DVD is rated for Region 1 play, and the popcorn can only be shipped within the United States, thus the winner will have to forego that delicacy if he/she lives outside the US!) [Film Food & Figure Friday - Spider-Man Edition]

    Wrap your web around some great giveaways!

    CLICK HERESideshow is really giving away the web this week to celebrate the release of Spider-Man 3! Got the urge to create something? Sculpt a Sandman out of sand and enter it in our photo contest. Saw the film and want to give us a review? Tell us about it in our 'Spill the Beans about Spider-Man 3' comment contest (careful, there may be spoilers in those comments!). Want to help SideshowDusty figure out why Sandman is so powerful? Give it your best shot in our comments section. Best of all, prizes range from across the spectrum of our licenses, from Spider-Man 3 (of course!) to LOTR to Electric Tiki and Insanely Twisted Rabbits, so these contests are for everyone, not only fans of the web head! Plus, there's more to come from now through Monday, May 7th, so keep watching Sideshow's Spider-Man Week homepage... and good luck! [Special Spider-Man Week contests][Full list of Contests going on now!][Spider-Man Week homepage]

    Today's podcast brings brand new contest winners!

    CLICK HEREListen to Mat Falls read the winning entry in our Mother's Day 'Ode to Your Mama' comment contest, and find out how Keith and Klauder's 'Ewok VS Endor Trooper' debate has been settled! You can hear all of this and more contest news in the 'Contest Corner' segment of our May 3rd podcast, so download it today! [Mother's Day Contest details][Download the May 3rd podcast!]


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