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Sideshow Collectibles Newsletter - Xoanon @ 22:18 PST

Sideshow Collectibles Newsletter - Date: 2/15/2007

  • Special Announcements: Sideshow to attend Celebration IV and welcome new Newsletter members!
  • Toy Fair 2007 wrap-up!
  • Toy Fair pre-orders from Star Wars, LOTR, Marvel, Aliens, Legend, Universal Monsters and more!
  • Legend: Exclusive Lord of Darkness edition size set!
  • Contests: Toy Fair winners, enter to win a Grey Hulk, newsletter INSTANT WINNERS, and more!
  • Wait List and Stock Status updates
  • Now Shipping and Coming Soon
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    Special Announcements

    Sideshow to attend Star Wars Celebration IV!

    CLICK HERENow that this year's Toy Fair is over, we'd like to officially announce that Sideshow Collectibles will be attending Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles, from Thurdsay, May 24th through Monday, May 28th! If you are a Star Wars fan, this is one convention that you will NOT want to miss. To find out more about our plans for Celebration IV (aka 'C4') and how to purchase tickets, click the following link! Plus, keep a close eye on each Sideshow newsletter during the months leading up to the show to keep up with all of our important C4 updates! [Read all about it!]

    Welcome new Newsletter members!

    CLICK HEREPublished on a weekly basis, the Sideshow Newsletter offers a ton of amazing perks to subscribers! Not only do members get up-to-the-minute Sideshow news and first dibs on items offered up for Second Chance, but most of our AWESOME contests are only open to newsletter members. In fact, we suggest that you look in the Contest section of today's newsletter to find out if you are one of our weekly INSTANT WINNERS who have been randomly awarded a prize, simply for being a member! Plus, don't forget that you can read the Sideshow Newsletter online instead of waiting for it to arrive in your inboxes. Best of all, you can tailor your newsletter experience to your unique interests, although we highly suggest selecting ALL interests so that you won't ever miss any important Sideshow news! [Newsletter Home Page]

    Toy Fair

    Toy Fair 2007 wrap-up!

    CLICK HEREWe hope you all enjoyed our online coverage of Toy Fair 2007 as much as we enjoyed bring it to you! Throughout the four days of the show, we previewed and pre-ordered over 30 news products from a variety of licenses, including many with FLEXpay options to help ease the strain on our collectors' bank accounts. Plus, we featured daily Production Blog entries that took a closer look into the making of these high quality collectibles, launched a gallery of photos taken by Sideshow staff on the show floor, and hosted TONS of fun, sitewide contests! Toy Fair is now over, our staff in New York are on their way home, and online coverage has come to a close. If you forgot to join us from the 11th through the 14th, be sure to click the following links to find out what you missed! [Sideshow's Toy Fair coverage][Pre-Order all the new products][Browse the photo gallery][Contest winners]


    Celebrate President's Day with Sideshow!

    CLICK HEREJoin Sideshow Collectibles in celebrating Presidents' Day 2007 with special deals on two of the most important political figures in America's history, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Enjoy a 25% savings on these IN STOCK 12-inch figures from now until Monday, February 19th, and enter to win one of these Presidents for your collection! Follow the link for all the details.[President's Day Deals]

    Will you be attending the New York Comic-Con?

    CLICK HEREAttention collectors on the East Coast! If you are planning to attend the upcoming New York Comic-Con from February 23rd-25th, be sure to stop by the booth. The staff members at the UGO booth will be handing out Sideshow Gift Cards, valued up to $100 and redeemable on select product IN STOCK at! Click on the New York Comic-Con link for more information about the convention, and be sure to come back to spend your Sideshow cash! [New York Comic-Con info][About the Sideshow Gift Card]

    Ministry of Information

    EU warehouse updates!

    CLICK HEREWe have just received word that items being stocked into our European Union warehouse are being held at customs for approximately 4-6 days, which will cause delays in the final shipment of our latest products that have been sent over. Please allow more time between the receipt of final invoice and receipt of tracking information. Just as a reminder, due to our web restrictions the 'Shipped' status appears prematurely in our EU customers' online accounts. When you receive your invoice notification e-mail, Pre-Ordered (or Back-Ordered) items are actually in transit from our U.S. warehouse to our EU warehouse, and in-stock orders are being packed and labeled for shipment in the EU warehouse. We appreciate your understanding and patience![EU homepage]

    Ask Sideshow answers tons of Toy Fair questions!

    CLICK HEREDuring this year's Toy Fair, we featured 'Ask Sideshow' question and answer sessions, answered by Sideshow production staff on the show floor in NYC and uploaded daily to our Production Blog. Questions such as "What are your plans for the LOTR 12-inch and Premium Format lines?" and "Where are all the new Star Wars 12-inch figures?" were happily answered each day by those in the know at Sideshow! Follow the links for each day's session, and if your question did not get answered, it was due to the unexpectedly high volume of submissions. We will continue to answer as many inquiries as we can in future editions of 'Ask Sideshow' in our Production Blog, Newsletter, and Podcast![Ask SSC - February 11th][Ask SSC - February 12th][Ask SSC - February 13th][Ask SSC - February 14th]

    Sideshow Radio brings you closer to the action!

    CLICK HEREIs our weekly Newsletter just not enough to satiate your unquenchable thirst for Sideshow Collectibles news and updates? Well, if you're like Johnny 5 and need more input, check out our Sideshow Radio podcasts for additional information, contests, and fun! Last week's episode featured an interview with the director of 'Ghost Rider', a Legolas giveaway, the continuation of our Grey Hulk contest, and more! Follow the link to download and listen to it today.[February 8th podcast][Subscribe with iTunes]

    New Toy Fair poll posted!

    CLICK HEREWe have just posted a new poll on our homepage! After four days of non-stop fun and excitement, we expect you have come to some conclusions on which Toy Fair 2007 product is your favorite. Our weekly poll is located through the red banner on the right side of our homepage, directly above the Pre-Order Products area. Vote now![Let us know your favorite!][Discuss it with fellow collectors]

    Sideshow Newsletter

    Lord of the Rings

    New LOTR pre-orders posted for Toy Fair 2007!

    CLICK HERECLICK HERELord of the Rings fans were thrilled to see more pictures of our new Frodo and Gollum 'Crack of Doom' diorama, showcased in the Sideshow booth at Toy Fair this week! Plus, we previewed and began taking pre-orders for our MASSIVE Sauron Legendary Scale bust! The third character in our line of Lord of the Rings Legendary Scale busts, Sauron is the largest in the series to date, measuring in at 24 inches tall, and will easily dominate any collection and add presence to any room. Who wouldn't want the embodiment of all evil in Middle-earth taking his rightful position as Lord over their entire collection? Pre-order today! [Sauron Legendary Scale bust] [Crack of Doom diorama]

    Boromir is on his way to Sideshow!

    CLICK HEREThe noble son of Denethor, our Boromir 12-inch figure will begin shipping to U.S. and international (non-EU) collectors soon! EU collectors should begin receiving their figures in late March. To celebrate, we have updated his product gallery with photos of the production figure and his beautifully designed packaging! If you missed the pre-order for the Sideshow Exclusive edition, you should sign up now to the Wait List, as cancellations and Wait List fulfillments usually take place at the time of shipping. We also urge you to verify your order information for this item, in order to ensure proper delivery. [Exclusive Wait List] [Pre-Order the Regular Edition]

    General Interest

    The Lord of Darkness takes Toy Fair by storm!

    CLICK HEREWe'd like to announce that the edition size for our new Sideshow Exclusive Lord of Darkness Premium Format figure has been set at only 500 pieces worldwide. This figure, with its incredibly designed costume and perfectly sculpted face and body, was the hit of Toy Fair 2007. The Exclusive edition, featuring the must-have, interchangeable unicorn horn, will not last for much longer, as it has already reached Low Quantity Alert status! Don't miss out, pre-order this figure right now! [Pre-Order the Darkness Exclusive] [Behind-the-Scenes with the Lord of Darkness][FLEXpay option]

    Cool Medicom RAH figures shown at Toy Fair!

    CLICK HERECLICK HEREWe were pleased to bring a few awesome new Medicom Toy RAH figures to Sideshow during Toy Fair 2007, including the Hostel and Kerberus figures. Plus, the purchase limit for Kerberus has been increased to FOUR per person, so you can build yourself a fearsome Keruberosu army! If you are on the edge of your seat for the Metal Gear Solid 4 RAH pre-orders, please be patient, as final details have yet to be received from Medicom. Rest assured that we will inform you in our newsletter as soon as they are available for pre-order! [Pre-Order the Hostel RAH figure] [Pre-Order the Kerberus RAH figure][Metal Gear Solid 4 - Solid Snake - COMING SOON!][Metal Gear Solid 4 - Raiden - COMING SOON!]

    A new RoboCop 3, complete with Flight Pack!

    CLICK HERESideshow Collectibles is proud to bring our collectors the opportunity to own this new Robocop 3 figure, featuring a fully articulated and highly detailed flight pack, and a unique alternate paint scheme. Bring justice to your collection, and pre-order this fantastic model kit today! [RoboCop 3 with Flight Pack]

    New SAW propsize puppet from Medicom Toy!

    CLICK HEREThis new wave of SAW life-size collectibles is different from the original, SOLD OUT edition. Wave 2 is more economical for fans because it does not include the sound feature, and the run will be slightly larger to bring this item to you at an affordable price. Plus, we have just received word from Medicom that the shoes will be red on this edition, and the hair will be changed slightly - we will be updating the image gallery as soon as we receive the updated photos! Don't miss out on this one - place your pre-order today! [Pre-Order the new SAW propsize puppet]

    Electric Tiki statue sets pre-ordering now!

    CLICK HERECLICK HEREWe are proud to bring you the Green Hornet & Kato and Eddie & Marilyn Munster statue sets from our friends at Electric Tiki! Both sets include a Sideshow Exclusive Edition - B&W for Eddie & Marilyn, and bright green for Green Hornet & Kato (which is already SOLD OUT at Sideshow!). Plus, we have more plans to bring some awesome new Electric Tiki collectibles to the market in 2007, including the first look at the new designs for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer animated collection! Pre-order the new statues today, and keep on the lookout for more exciting Electric Tiki products! [Green Hornet and Kato - Regular Edition] [Eddie and Marilyn Munster statue set - B&W Sideshow Exclusive][Eddie and Marlyn Munster statue set - Color][Green Hornet and Kato - Exclusive Wait List]


    Tons of cool collectibles given away during Toy Fair!

    CLICK HEREEach day of Toy Fair 2007 brought new contests and giveaways, posted randomly all over the news sections and license homepages on our site! If you missed out, make sure to read all the awesome comments left during our Sith Sunday, Mordor Monday, Terminator Tuesday, and Wolf Man Wednesday giveaways (these contests are located on the license homepages, accessible through the handy left navigation links at! Follow the link for a list of all the lucky winners and their prizes. (If you see your name on the list, you will be contacted by email to claim your prize. Please allow up to 6 weeks for processing and shipment of prizes.) [Toy Fair contest winner list]

    Less than 200 collectors are curently competing for a Grey Hulk! Enter soon!

    CLICK HEREOur January 25th podcast introduced a fabulous contest to Sideshow Newsletter members - a chance to catch an elusive Grey Hulk Premium Format figure! If you listened closely, you knew to look for the second secret word in the February 1st newsletter. If you missed either the podcast or the newsletter, be sure to comb through them soon, as you won't be eligible to win unless you enter BOTH secret words (and spell them correctly) in the 'Answer' field, plus use the CORRECT contest code, which can also be found in the January 25th podcast! This contest will end on February 27th, 2007 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). A random winner, chosen from all eligible entries, will be announced in the March 1st newsletter... good luck! [Listen to the January 25th podcast][Sign in to read the February 1st newsletter][Contest Entry Form]

    Newsletter members turn to the Sideshow side!

    CLICK HEREDidn't win a Toy Fair contest? Well, today we have randomly drawn FIVE more newsletter members as INSTANT WINNERS, each of whom will receive a FREE Darth Vader 'Lack of Sideshow Collectibles' t-shirt simply for being a subscriber! These lucky winners are: E. Russell-Howland, T. Connelly, M. Colozzi, D. Magnusen, and K. Weygandt. They will each be contacted by email to claim their prizes. If you have some friends who would love a chance to win cool collectibles and other fun, FREE stuff, make sure to tell them to sign up for (and read!) our weekly newsletter and choose the 'Contests' interest - it's the only way to win! (Please remember to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of prizes and that winners will be responsible for shipping fees and any applicable import or VAT tax. If you see your name on this list, be sure to watch your inbox, as you will be required to supply your shipping address and preferred payment method within a specific time so that we can deliver the prize to you!) [Contest Terms and Conditions]

    Important Sideshow contest winner information...

    If you are chosen, or have been chosen, as a winner in any contest or giveaway, you will be contacted by email to confirm your win. After confirming, you will be given a quote for shipping and any applicable sales tax or VAT/import fees for the prize. You have the option to pay for these fees by credit card (through your Sideshow user account), or by check or money order (sent by a traceable mail service). You will be required to respond with your preferred payment method within SEVEN business days of receipt of the quote. If this deadline is not met, your prize will be forfeited and awarded to another collector. We appreciate your understanding, and we look forward to hosting even more awesome contests and giveaways in the future! [Sideshow Contest Terms and Conditions]


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