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Sideshow Collectibles Newsletter - Date: 2/8/2007


Toy Fair

Toy Fair begins this Sunday!

CLICK HEREBe sure to watch for new announcements and tons of pre-orders from a bunch of fun licenses, get your Toy Fair 2007 questions answered with our daily Ask Sideshow Q&A feature, participate in site-wide contests (including 'Sith Sunday'), browse photo galleries updated directly from the Sideshow booth, and much more! Remember, we won't be sending out an update every time something new hits the site from February 11th-14th, so you'll have to keep a close eye on our online Toy Fair coverage for all the up-to-the-minute Sideshow news from the floor of the Javitz Center! (Please note: This is an industry show open only to registered wholesalers, distributors, and press, so please don't show up in New York expecting to get in if you do not belong to one of those groups.) [Sideshow's Toy Fair coverage]

So you say you want some hints?

CLICK HEREWell, we can't let TOO many cats out of the bag before the big event begins, but if you ask nicely, we may decide to post some obscure hints and our infamous question marks on our Toy Fair pages a day before the actual show begins! Look for a full launch of our Toy Fair coverage through the following link on Saturday, February 10th. As you are eagerly awaiting Saturday to get here, we encourage you to bookmark our Toy Fair homepage, if you haven't yet, and try to guess what could be lurking behind the scenes! Remember, patience is a virtue, and all of your questions will soon be answered as products begin to be revealed! [Sideshow's Toy Fair homepage]


Members can now be alerted to special deals as soon as they happen!

CLICK HEREThose of you who are bargain hunters at heart - even when it comes down to your most prized collectibles - will want to select the new Sideshow Newsletter interest: Express Updates. If you choose to subscribe to the Express Updates interest we may alert you about discounted products, new Second Chance offers, or low quantity items when we find out about them! Don't miss out on these fast-action alerts - log in to your Newsletter Account to make sure you are signed up for this interest! Collectors have already snatched up a few remaining Sauron statues and Exclusive Angel figures at significant savings! (These email alerts will be sent to subscribers on an as-needed basis. If you do not wish to receive multiple correspondences from us per week, we suggest you skip this option.) [Sign Up for Express Updates!]

A reminder about Sideshow Rewards...

CLICK HEREDon't forget, you earn Sideshow Rewards points from EVERYTHING you purchase online at! If you think that one of your orders qualifies, but is not showing up in your Pending or Available points totals, contact us using our Customer Service Request Form. We ask that you please include your name, order number, and order date with any Sideshow Rewards inquiries. If your concern is that your order is still showing 'Processing' in your online user account when it has already shipped, please also include the date your order shipped. Please be patient with us, as it can take up to 14 business days for resolutions to these inquiries to be put into place. [About Sideshow Rewards][Customer Service Request Form]

Ministry of Information

Download the February 9th edition of Sideshow Radio tomorrow!

CLICK HEREIs our weekly Newsletter just not enough to satiate your unquenchable thirst for Sideshow Collectibles news and updates? Well, if you're like Johnny 5 and need more input, check out our Sideshow Radio podcasts for additional information, contests, and fun! After our podcast girl strangled the sound engineer due to the antics included in the last cast, we had to bribe him with cookies to complete this week's recording, which will feature the continuation of our Grey Hulk giveaway, Toy Fair hints, an interview with the director of Ghost Rider, and more! Watch for it to be posted on our homepage tomorrow, Friday, February 9th. While you're waiting, don't forget to download all the casts you've missed, through the convenient archived list of all our past Sideshow Radio episodes![Sideshow Radio archive][Subscribe through iTunes]

Sideshow takes top honors in 'Best of 2006' awards!

CLICK HEREBreak out the champagne because Sideshow Collectibles has taken the top honors in the 'Best of 2006' awards at many respected collectible websites! We are proud to have been chosen as the leader in quite a few categories, but the one closest to our heart is 'Company of the Year'! We pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to excel in our industry while keeping fresh and unique, high quality collectibles in the hands of our customers. We couldn't have done it without the support of all our collectors, so here's to you! And we promise not to rest on our laurels in 2007! [ 2006 awards][ 2006 awards][ 2006 awards]

It's never too early to get excited about the San Diego Comic-Con!

CLICK HEREYep, it's about that time again...time to start planning for the next San Diego Comic-Con 2007! This year's Comic-Con will begin with Preview Night on Wednesday, July 25th and last through Sunday, July 29th - four and half days and nights filled with collectibles, camaraderie, and costumes, with a few celebrities tossed in for good measure! Please be aware that pre-registration has begun for tickets and hotels for the event. Remember, you can only attend Preview Night if you pre-register for all four days, so don't wait until the last minute! Also, keep bookmarked in April and May for our Comic-Con Exclusive announcements and pre-orders! [Find out about Comic-Con 2007][Comic-Con pre-registration][Comic-Con hotel list]

New poll for Toy Fair!

CLICK HEREWe've posted a new poll to help get our collectors in the spirit of Toy Fair 2007! Toy Fair won't start for a few days (Sunday, February 11th), but in the meantime you can satisfy your cravings by telling us what you're most looking forward to during our coverage! Our weekly poll is located through the red banner on the right side of our homepage, directly above the Pre-Order Products area. [Participate in the poll][Discuss it with fellow collectors]

Sideshow Returns Department update...

CLICK HEREWe have recently sent out massive shipments of product from both our U.S. and E.U. warehouses. Unfortunately for our Returns Department, massive amounts of product being shipped usually means that reports of damaged items increase as well! Currently, they are running about four business days behind, as they are handling all inquiries in the order in which they were submitted. Rest assured that they will indeed return your inquiry with more information about your exchange or credit, so there is no need to send duplicate inquiries or phone calls within five business days of your original communication. We appreciate your patience as our representatives in this department work diligently to assist every customer who has requested their help! Follow the link to read about how our 30 Day Guarantee works.[Sideshow Return procedures]

EU shipping and stock updates!

CLICK HEREAttention European Union collectors! We have just received a TON of new product into our EU warehouse, which will be shipping to customers in the next few days. These are some of the items that have just arrived: Leatherface, John Wayne, and The Spaceman Premium Format figures - Yoda VCD figures - T-1000 12-inch figures - and more! If you live in the EU and have any of these items on order, please allow 5-7 business days for these items to begin shipping to you. **Please also keep in mind that, due to web programming restrictions, EU collectors will see a 'Shipped' status in their online accounts when we invoice and transfer their item(s) to the EU warehouse, rather than when it is physically shipped to their homes. We are working to correct this incorrectly displayed status. Please allow up to 10 business days from receipt of the e-mailed invoice to receive your tracking information.[EU homepage]

Sideshow Newsletter

Lord of the Rings

Pre-Order the first LOTR diorama RIGHT NOW!

CLICK HEREThe Crack of Doom Diorama captures the struggle between Frodo and Gollum, just after Gollum has removed the Ring (and Frodo's finger) with his teeth. Frodo and Gollum have been sculpted in approximately 1:9 scale, each standing approximately 5 inches tall. Don't let the ultimate evil of the Ring keep you from placing your pre-order for this dynamic diorama today! Plus, watch our Toy Fair galleries for more glimpses of this diorama on display at the show, and stay tuned for another new LOTR product to debut during the event! [Crack of Doom diorama]

The last few Legolas figures will soon be gone!

CLICK HEREIf you have not ordered our excellent Legolas Greenleaf 12-inch figure yet, we invite you to browse his production photo gallery to entice you to press that 'purchase' button. Some collectors are calling this the BEST 12-inch figure we've produced to date, from the tips of his pointy elf-ears to the bottom of his boots - including all the cool accessories and costuming in between! And if you haven't seen Hylton Mayne's unique pictorial review of this figure, check it out to discover how cool this elf really is! [Legolas regular edition] [Legolas photo review][Even MORE Legolas images in the Blog][Find all IN STOCK LOTR collectibles]

General Interest

Nothing says 'high tech' like a Robocop wearing a jet pack!

CLICK HERECLICK HEREWe're excited to bring our collectors a peek at another of our Toy Fair products: the Robocop 3 with Flight Pack model kit, created by Hot Toys! This new version of the Robocop 3 figure includes a fully articulated and highly detailed flight pack, and a unique alternate paint scheme, plus it is fully articulated with all the nifty gear that any collector would want for his own personal steel enforcer! Keep an eye on our online Toy Fair coverage to find out when pre-ordering will begin at! [Preview the Robocop 3 with Flight Pack] [Sideshow's Toy Fair coverage]

Entertaining new Electric Tiki items now IN STOCK!

CLICK HERECLICK HEREWe have recently welcomed a few more classic Electric Tiki creations into our U.S. warehouse, which are now IN STOCK. We can't decide which version of Woody Woodpecker is our favorite, you really can't go wrong with either the Classic or the Modern, but we are especially partial to the unique Retro version, which also happens to be a Sideshow Exclusive, limited to only 250 pieces worldwide! Also IN STOCK: all four variations of the ultra modern Maltese Chimp statues and the Classic Hero, Dick Tracy. Add to your Electric Tiki collection today! [Wood Woodpecker - Classic, Retro & Modern - IN STOCK] [Maltese Chimp - Brown, Green, Blue & Grey - IN STOCK][Dick Tracy - IN STOCK][View all Electric Tiki product]


Super Deals VII winners announced!

CLICK HEREDid you win a Sideshow Exclusive Fantastic Four diorama or a Medicom Toy Cyclops RAH figure in our Super Deals VII celebration during last week's Super Bowl? Well, if you submitted a picture or posted your guess at the final score, you had a good chance to win! Follow the links to see if you're one of the lucky winners, and thanks to everyone for participating! [View the Photo Gallery and winner][Guess the Score winner]

Hulk smash you for not trying!

CLICK HEREOur January 25th podcast introduced a fabulous new contest to Sideshow Newsletter members - a chance to catch an elusive Grey Hulk Premium Format figure! If you listened closely, you knew to look for the second secret word in the February 1st newsletter. If you missed either the podcast or the newsletter, be sure to comb through them soon, as you won't be eligible to win unless you enter BOTH secret words (and spell them correctly) in the 'Answer' field, plus use the CORRECT contest code, which can also be found in the January 25th podcast! This contest will end on February 27th, 2007 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). We've already taken quite a few entries, but not all of them are correct, so get yours in today! A random winner, chosen from all eligible entries, will be announced in the March 1st newsletter... good luck! [January 25th podcast][Sign in to read the February 1st newsletter][Contest Entry Form]

Five lucky Newsletter members get terminated!

CLICK HEREThis week we have randomly drawn FIVE more newsletter members chosen as INSTANT WINNERS, each of whom will receive a fabulous prize of a FREE Sideshow Exclusive T-800 12-inch figure simply for being a subscriber! These lucky winners are: E. Baeza, J. Michalski, T. Sowell, T. Materazzi, and J. Onik. They will be contacted by email to claim their prizes. If you have some friends who would love a chance to win cool collectibles and other fun, FREE stuff, make sure to tell them to sign up for (and read!) our weekly newsletter and choose the 'Contests' interest - it's the only way to win! (Please remember to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of prizes and that winners will be responsible for shipping fees and any applicable import or VAT tax. If you see your name on this list, be sure to watch your inbox, as you will be required to supply your shipping address so that we can deliver the prize to you!) [Contest Terms and Conditions]

Looking for even MORE Sideshow contests?

CLICK HEREDon't forget to tune into our online Toy Fair coverage from Sunday, February 11th through Wednesday, February 14th as we continue the Sideshow tradition of giving away everything but the shirts from our backs! And, well, actually... we WILL be giving away our shirts - those super popular Darth Vader 'Lack of Sideshow Collectibles' t-shirts to be exact! Our Toy Fair contest madness will kick off on Sunday with Sith Sunday, giving you a chance to win Sith Probe Droid Inclusives and Darth Vader shirts! All Toy Fair contests will begin at approximately 9 AM PST on Sunday the 11th and end at 11:59 PM PST on Wednesday the 14th. Watch our Toy Fair coverage for all the details as they are posted throughout the event! [Sideshow's Toy Fair coverage]


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