Thursday, February 08, 2007

McKellen's 'Guerrilla Distribution' on DVD - Xoanon @ 12:26 PST

Adrian writes: The rare Mockumentary “Guerrilla Distribution” featuring *Ian McKellen* (Lord Of The Rings, X-Men) and *Brian Sibley* (Author, “Peter Jackson: A Film-Maker’s Journey) has been released on Pal DVD through


Back in 2005 two filmmakers tried to defeat their nemesis by making a film about a giant monkey on the cheap and, with the help of a look-a-like, sell it before the New Zealander could. These two con men are not only dangerous, but are notorious for their association with such figures as Ian McKellen (Lord Of The Rings, X-Men) and Brian Sibley (Author of “*Peter Jackson: A Film-maker's Journey”*).

This comedy follows the exploits of these two thieves and reveals the dark past and sinister secrets shared by them all.

The DVD can be purchased through

For more information, behind the scenes clips, bloopers and trailers please visit this website.