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Sideshow Collectibles Newsletter - Date: 1/25/2007 - Xoanon @ 16:25 PST

  • Special Announcements: Newsletter insterests added and EU shipping updates!
  • Ministry: New podcast posted, Elvis poll, and much more!
  • LOTR: IN STOCK items and coupons!
  • Wait List and Stock Status updates
  • Shipping Updates, Now Shipping, and Coming Soon
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    Special Announcements

    Find out quickly about product specials!

    CLICK HEREWe have added a valuable new Newsletter interest for members - Express Updates! The Express Updates will alert you about new Second Chance opportunities, if a popular item is about to sell out, or when items are available at a significant discounts! Don't miss out on these fast-action alerts - log in to your Newsletter Account to make sure you are signed up to receive this interest! (These email alerts will be sent to subscribers on an as-needed basis. Please do not subscribe to this list if you do not wish to receive more than one Newsletter per week from Sideshow Collectibles.) [Start receiving Express Updates]

    Make sure your Sideshow Newsletter interests are up to date!

    CLICK HEREWe'd like to remind World of Warcraft gamers to log in to your Newsletter accounts to add on our new WoW interest! Elvis-lovers, please make sure your Legendary Musicians interest is checked if you would like to receive news about the new Elvis Premium Format figure! Also, don't forget to sign up for the Contests/Giveaways and Specials/Promotions interests if you want chances to win FREE stuff and get great deals on popular collectibles! [Log In to your Newsletter Account][World of Warcraft press release][Elvis press release]

    EU shipping and stock updates!

    CLICK HEREAttention European Union collectors! We have just received a TON of new product physically into our EU warehouse, which will be shipping to customers in the next few days. These are the items that have just arrived: Hulk Premium Format figures (both Green and Grey), Legolas 12-inch figures, Dagobah Luke and Yoda Premium Format figure sets, John Wayne Premium Format figures, Old West Ghost Rider maquettes, Fantastic Four dioramas, and more! If you live in the EU and have any of these items on order, please allow 5-7 business days for these items to begin shipping to you! [EU homepage]


    Holy Moley, my gift card has expired!

    CLICK HEREThat's what we heard many customers saying after the first big expiration deadline for our summer Gift Card promotions. We would like to remind all Gift Card holders to be aware of the expiration dates of these promotional cards. The expiration dates are set on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), regardless of what time zone the card holder is located in. This little tidbit of information is stated in the Terms and Conditions, but we understand if, in your zeal to see how much your card was worth, you may have overlooked this information. Please make sure to use your card BEFORE the date of expiration...if you attempt to use it the day of, and the screen says 'expired' - guess what? It's expired! We won't be able to assist you, regardless of the excuses, foot stamping, sniveling, or complaining. So, PLEASE go back and read the Terms and Conditions of our Gift Card offer - and play nice. We want to make sure you get the chance to use your cards! [Gift Card homepage][What is Greenwich Mean Time?]

    Today we have TWO valuable LOTR coupons for Newsletter members!

    CLICK HERECLICK HEREThis week we're happy to offer our collectors a 30% savings on each of two popular LOTR polystone products - Sauron's Mace and Peter Jackson as a Corsair! To take advantage of these valuable offers, simply click on the following links, proceed to check-out, and enter in the unique coupon codes! (These offers expire January 31st, 2007 GMT, or while supplies last. Only one coupon will be applied per person, per order - if you would like to take advantage of both coupons, you will need to create a separate order for each.) [30% off Sauron's Mace - use code: SAUMACE125][30% off Peter Jackson as Corsair - use code: CORSAIR125][How do I use these E-Coupons?]

    Even more awesome collectibles now available on Second Chance!

    CLICK HEREOne of the advantages of being a Sideshow newsletter subscriber is to have first dibs at these items, so use that power today. Most of these offers are VERY limited, so act fast! Follow the links below to get your hands on some treasures that had been hidden until today! If you see the item marked as Sold Out, or you receive a page stating 'product cannot be located' when you click the link, unfortunately that means someone beat you to it and the items have been claimed. [Super Second Chance opportunites]

    Ministry of Information

    Listen to the first podcast of 2007!

    CLICK HERESideshow Radio is back and ready to kick off the new year! This cast includes a few important Customer Service updates, tons of product information, a valuable coupon for a popular LOTR item, and even special instructions on how to get a chance to win a GREY HULK Premium Format figure! Make sure to tune in today so you don't miss a thing![January 25th podcast posted]

    Brand new line of LOTR collectibles coming soon!

    CLICK HERELord of the Rings collectors have been buzzing about the possiblity of a new line of LOTR items, which was teased in our 'Look Back at 2006' article earlier this month. Well, it's time to find out what it is! Follow the link to our Production Blog announcement about this exciting new line, and keep watching our newsletter to get a peek at the first offering as soon as it's announced![LOTR announcement]

    Hylton Mayne is back, and this time he's brought an Elf!

    CLICK HEREHylton Mayne, creator of those unique photo reviews that have collectors buzzing, is back for more, this time with our Sideshow Exclusive Legolas Greenleef 12-inch figure! Follow the link to see Legolas in a new light, showcased by Hylton's spectacular photography and fun sense of humor. Plus, this figure has just arrived at our warehouse, so now would be a great time to sign up to the Wait List for the Exclusive![Legolas photo review][Legolas Exclusive Wait List][ED-209 photo review][Mace Windu photo review]

    Only two weeks to Toy Fair!

    CLICK HEREThis year's American International Toy Fair, scheduled for February 11th - 14th, will bring new announcements and special surprises from some of your most favorite lines, including Marvel, Star Wars, LOTR, Alien, and more! Remember, this convention is only open to industry members and press, so please don't show up at the Javitz Center and expect to get in if you do not belong to one of those groups! We will be launching our Toy Fair news page and RSS feed next week, so be sure to bookmark it once it's live. [What is Toy Fair?]

    Chucky terrorizes YouTube!

    CLICK HEREDuring our weekly run through the entertaining archives of, we came across this gem of a video. We cordially invite you to take a stroll into hell with this short film, starring Sideshow's own evil Chucky doll! Don't forget to leave a comment at YouTube letting the creative director know what you think![Hide the knives!][Order Chucky][Order Chucky from Bride of Chucky]

    Elvis has inspired us to create a new poll!

    CLICK HEREWe've posted a new poll to help celebrate our big Elvis Presley announcement! We'd like to know which version of Elvis represents your personal favorite 'look' for The King. True, our first Elvis Premium Format prototype has already been created and approved, but you just never know what we may come out with in the future - so make your vote count! Our weekly poll is located through the red banner on the right side of our homepage, directly above the Pre-Order Products area. Don't forget to discuss your choice with fellow Elvis fans through the comments section on our site![Participate in the poll][Discuss it with fellow Elvis fans][Read the Elvis Press Release]

    Want to know more about Sideshow?

    CLICK HEREEver wanted to know what happens to our prototypes once we are production is finished? Or maybe how you could get a custom figure made of yourself? Well, last week's Ask Sideshow Q&A answers those questions and more! Keep an eye on future Production Blogs and Podcasts to find out more. And remember, we can't guarantee that EVERY question will be answered, but we'll do our best to respond to as many as we can! [Ask Sideshow - January 18th][Ask Sideshow archives][Submit a question]

    Sideshow Newsletter

    Lord of the Rings

    LOTR product IN STOCK and ready to ship!

    CLICK HEREWe have a few popular Lord of the Rings products available that really bring the world of Middle-earth home for fans of the stories! This week, our regular edition Legolas 12-inch figure joins the IN STOCK ranks as well, but only a VERY small number are available, so get yours before they disappear! Plus we are offering some fantastic coupons for LOTR polystone - follow the links below to take advantage of our generosity this week! (Both coupons expire on January 31st, 2007 GMT.) [Browse our LOTR homepage for IN STOCK products] [Legolas photo review][30% off Peter Jackson as Corsair - use code: CORSAIR125][30% off Sauron's Mace - use code: SAUMACE125]


    How about a chance to win a Grey Hulk Premium Format figure?

    CLICK HEREWe thought that would get your attention! Yes, it's true - we will be giving one of these much sought-after figures away in February to one lucky Newsletter member. But this time it's going to be a little trickier, as the hunt for the Grey Hulk will lead you on a chase through today's podcast, and then through our February 1st newsletter to equip you with the tools to compete in the contest! To get started, listen CLOSELY to the directions in today's podcast (January 25th)...good luck! [Listen to the January 25th podcast]

    Even more Newsletter INSTANT WINNERS!

    CLICK HEREhis week we have drawn FIVE more newsletter members chosen as INSTANT WINNERS, each of whom will receive a FREE Darth Vader 'Lack of Sideshow Collectibles' t-shirts simply for being subscribers! These lucky winners are: H. Dickens, J. La Scola, D. Irving, E. Stanczyk, and C. Clark. They will be contacted by email to claim their prizes. If you have some friends who would love a chance to win cool collectibles and other fun, FREE stuff, make sure to tell them to sign up for (and read!) our weekly newsletter and choose the 'Contests' interest - it's the only way to win! (Please remember to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of prizes.) [Contest Terms and Conditions]


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