Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Christopher Lee Filmography Book - Xoanon @ 17:08 PST
Lhunsarniel writes: Thought you might want to add this to your newsworthy posts. I actually saw it in the Turner Classic Movies website: 'The Christopher Lee Filmography: All Theatrical Releases, 1948-2003': The career of towering, handsome actor Christopher Lee has stretched over half a century in every sort of film from comedy to horror. He has assumed such diverse roles as the Man With the Golden Gun, Frankenstein's monster, Fu Manchu, Sherlock Holmes, and Dr. Catheter (from Gremlins 2). From Corridor of Mirrors in 1948 to Star Wars: Episode II-Attack of the Clones in 2002, The Christopher Lee Filmography: All Theatrical Releases, 19482003 (McFarland), a new reference book by Tom Johnson and Mark A. Miller, covers 166 of Lee's theatrical feature films in detail. Each entry provides all production information (including year of release, studio, running time, and location), full credits for cast and crew, a synopsis of the film, and a critical analysis of the film and Lee's involvement, with a detailed account of its making and commentary drawn from some thirty hours of interviews with Lee himself. Each entry also places the film within the context of Lee's career and discusses the director and other significant figures. Two appendices list Lee's television feature films and miniseries and Lee's short films, with brief credits and Lee's role in each. The work concludes with an afterword by Christopher Lee. Photographs from the actor's private collection are included.

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