Sunday, July 02, 2006

Unique Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith LOTR Ring - Xoanon @ 10:53 PST

Unique Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith LOTR Ring

Halfdan Hansen writes: Here is a picture of Ring #24 from the Limited Edition of 100 faithful Sauron sized rings from Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith - Creators of the World's Most Famous Ring. The Ben Franklin shows the scale of the ring and alludes to the fact that this is one 'precious' that only 100 people on the planet will ever have the pleasure of owning. But there's something else special in this photo.

The regular Limited Edition Ring is a faithful replica of the ring made for Sauron's armoured gauntlet in the film. It is made from 18ct gold plated sterling silver. Ring #24 is different. Specially commissioned by an East Coast telecoms entreprenuer and personal friend of Liv Tyler, #24 is so named because it is created from pure 24 carat fine gold - hence the 0.999 (99.9%) marking. Weighing in a just over 120 grams, six times heavier than the ring we made for Frodo to wear. More pictures and info here.

Customers around the world have already bought more than 1/4 of the 100 limited edition Rings, and personal feedback we receive is that the simplicity and balance of the design and the Ringís tactile energy is what most attracts them. It is exciting for us to have been able to give people the ability to choose their own numbered One Ring, to either wear and treasure themselves, or to gift to family and friends.

If you havenít had a chance to hold The One Ring you are welcome to visit our workshop in Selwyn Place for a caress, or you can view or order from our website It is truly beautiful.