Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Two New DVDs Explore the Fantasy Appeal of New Zealand - Xoanon @ 12:34 PST
San Jose, California, June 19, 2006 Whether you want to swim with dolphins or hike with hobbits, New Zealand is full of fantastic adventures for the budget traveler. The latest Real Travels DVDs show how to see movie sites, mountains, and more in just two weeks on a modest budget.

Married couple Trystan L. Bass and Thomas Dowrie showcase the many sides of New Zealand in their newest releases, _T&T's Real Travels in Middle Earth_ and _T&T's Real Travels in New Zealand_. On these DVDs, tourists and Tolkien fans can explore the best of the Land of the Long White Cloud.

The Middle Earth DVD follows the Ringer trail to a dozen locations from the Lord of the Rings movies. From the restored movie set of Hobbiton through the lush forests of Rivendell and on to the grassy plains of Rohan, you'll see why director Peter Jackson set J.R.R. Tolkien's story there. Bass is also a life-long Tolkien addict who can imagine the original trilogy in these kiwi farmsteads and mountains. You don't need to pay for expensive tours when you can find most film locations yourself with a little help from this DVD.

The New Zealand DVD features the rugged natural beauty of these two islands. Starting in Auckland, Dowrie and Bass drive the length of the country to Queenstown. This DVD immerses travelers in Maori culture, adventure sports, Gold Rush history, and geologic wonders. It's also full of handy travel tips about affordable lodgings, driving the backroads, and how to have an amazing kiwi vacation without spending a fortune.

While they both work at demanding high-tech jobs, Bass and Dowrie have set foot on every continent -- including Antarctica -- in the past five years. They produce a DVD series about their adventures, and their website at ttrealtravels.com is full of insider tips and evocative journals and photos from their trips.

The couple believes anyone can see the world, and they want to show people how. You don't need oodles of free time or tons of cash to go beyond the typical theme parks and beach resorts. With advice from T&T's Real Travels, you can plan a unique vacation that fits into the constraints of a workaday life.

About T&T's Real Travels: Based in San Jose, California, T&T's Real Travels shares real-life travel stories through online journals and DVDs. [ttrealtravels.com]