Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lord of the Rings : Popular Culture in Global Context - Xoanon @ 20:46 PST
Rick writes: I wanted to inform you good folks that there is a new academic book soon to debut, entitled: 'Lord of the Rings : Popular Culture in Global Context'. I am an academic librarian at the University of Guam library, and found this listing in a new books catalog. Though academic in its underpinnings, it has the kind of interest and appeal that would make it very good for most readers, particularly older ones. An excerpt from the summary goes as follows:

"This eagerly awaited volume brings together leading scholars in the fields of media and film studies to explore the various stratgies and implications underlying the global presence of Lord of the Rings. Chapters address how the trilogy has been planned and recieved as a media business; how it was received by critics and fans; and how spin-offs, franchises,associated media, and indeed the text itself have been affected by its success and apeal."

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