Monday, January 16, 2006

Exclusive 'In Elven Lands' Track Preview - Xoanon @ 18:36 PST

Carvin writes: Cliff 'Quickbeam' Broadway suggested that I send you a track or two from the upcoming Voiceprint Records (UK) release, "In Elven Lands" for review.

Verses to Elbereth Gilthóniel features Jon Anderson singing in Sindarin, two verses in praise of the Vala Varda.

It also features Punk-Rock legend, Ethan James on hurdy-gurdy, Caitlin Elizabeth on cello and backing vocals, Patrick Delaney on drums and myself on wooden flutes and oboe.

Listen to 'Verses to Elbereth Gilthoni' now!

Order 'In Elven Lands: The Fellowship' on today!