Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pre-Order 'Fellowship of the Ring Complete Recording' - Xoanon @ 21:28 PST

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Complete Recordings

Tom writes: Just thought you'd like to know that Amazon.com has the artwork for the FOTR Complete Score online at its preoder listing, as well as a list of the tracks that will be on the CDs. The artwork looks like a continuation of the Extended Edition designs, so I imagine the CDs and DVDs will look nice together on a shelf. As far as the track list goes, two observations. 1) It looks as if (at least) some music from the Extended Edition will be on there, as one of the tracks is titled "Gilraen's Memorial". I'm sure others were too, but I was worried that only the music from the theatrical cut would be on the CDs. 2) The track list is probably not entirely accurate. Several titles seem suspicious, like "Flaming Red Hair" (???) and 2 tracks labeled "Keep It Secret" and "Keep It Safe". Also, if this indeed a complete score, I'd imagine either more tracks, or track titles that more accurately state the scenes that the music corresponds to (see the Ultimate Edition of SW: Episode 1 for an example of this). That being said, I sincerely hope the inclusion of "Gilraen's Memorial" (and hopefully all the Extended score) has not been falsely posted.

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