Monday, March 07, 2005

TORN Polo Shirts End Friday! - Xoanon @ 13:07 PST
MrCere writes: will take orders for TORn polo shirts through THIS Friday and then stop production. These shirts have always been made as ordered by you and we JUST received a shipment so if you are waiting for your shirt, mail is on the way.

After Friday's deadline we will submit our final polo order and the door will close on this item. After that, even if you are golden haired and beautiful Elf or a short man with a braided beard, the way will be shut. (If you are a king, well, there might still be a chance). We will be post our TORn and KIKn sweat shirts very soon as well as our rerun of the limited "Don't Make Me Get My Ring" shirts.

As a reminder, all the other shirts currently in our shop ( are available only until our current supply is sold through.

If you have suggestions for future items or slogans please contact Thanks for all your future and past support of and!