Sunday, February 27, 2005

SHOP: Sideshow/Weta's Complete Toy Fair 2005 Line-up - Celeborn @ 12:42 PST
As we mentioned before, Sideshow Weta Collectibles has released a series of new Lord of the Rings collectibles for the 2005 Toy Fair. Here is a complete list of what was released:

Click HereWounded Orc Bust - SOLD OUT
Click HerePippin, Guard of the Citadel Statue - Less than 10 left
Click HereThe Lady Galadriel Statue
Click HereBattle Troll of Mordor Statue
Click HereThe King of the Dead Statue
Click HereAragorn at the Black Gates Statue
Click HereLegolas and Gimli on Arod Statue
Click HereWar Mask of the Morgul Lord
Click HereOrc Muzzle Cage Helm
Click HereThe Helm of the Mouth of Sauron
Click HereBattle Helm of Eowyn
Click HereCrown of the King of the Dead
Click Here'Flight from Isengard' Plaque