Friday, February 11, 2005

Sabertooth Games’ Mini Dice Set Review - Xoanon @ 13:09 PST

Sabertooth Games’ Mini Dice Set

Jeff writes: The battles for Sabertooth Games’ Middle–earth are fought on your tabletop, and the difference between victory and defeat can hang on the roll of the dice! The Lord Of The Rings Tradeable Miniatures Game from Sabertooth Games is played with dice, a lot of dice! These dice, in conjunction with the 40mm, pre-painted figures and full color maps are key for being able to play the game. While individual, themed dice are included in each booster pack, Sabertooth Games has also released “special edition” dice. These “special” dice previously had been packaged with Premium Line (PL) figures, and were only available with the purchase of these Premium Line (PL) figures. Now, Sabertooth Games has released the Dice Set #1, and has made these “special” dice available to gamers and collectors alike, outside the Premium Line (PL) packaging! The Dice Set #1 contains 8 “special” dice which are packaged in an awesome looking collector’s tin. The Dice Set #1 includes:

These dice not only look great, but are a great addition to the collection. With this game based upon rolling dice, the availability of such a nice variety of dice is a great option. They add color, variety, and fun to the game in the heat of battle! For more information, check out the Sabertooth Games website. []