Friday, December 17, 2004

The Great Calisuri Challenge! - Xoanon @ 12:52 PST

Do you want to see this man in that dress? Read on!! Amy (Calisuri's fiancee) writes: Recently Cali posted on a Sideshow messageboad that if Sideshow's Minas Morgul sold out by Sunday (Dec 19th) that he would dress as Arwen and run around for a bit at The One Ring Celebration!.

Now, this is very appealing to our boss and myself, and we're trying to sell this out just to see Cali in Elf Drag (I believe this is a once in a lifetime event).

There are not that many left. What would you suggest we do to advertise this scary but very entertaining "publicity" stunt?

We even have a web cam there to broadcast it.

The post in question is right here, just in case he tries to deny it.

Minas Morgul Polystone Environment

Click here to get your Minas Morgul set and get Cali in a DRESS!!