Monday, September 27, 2004

Amazing Cedco LOTR Products on Sale! - Xoanon @ 15:08 PST
Cedco Publishing and have joined forces to produce fans worldwide with amazing prices on all types of LOTR products!

We have setup a special "V.I.P. code" that you can use on to get any or all LOTR items at a discount. This has never been done with LOTR products before. By typing in the V.I.P. code (6002) you can get any LOTR item for $8.50 (currently they're all about $12 each, and in a store they retail for $12.95-$15.95).

You can check it out by going to our front page ( on the link at the right that says "click here to enter a VIP code," then enter the number 6002 in the VIP code box.

Text will come up to explain what you've ordered--a copy of the new LOTR calendar, plus all our other LOTR-related items, for only $8.50 each (down from $12 each), with options to add more, subtract what you don't want, or check out by typing in your address and credit card.

[Click here to get amazing LOTR items at a great discount!]