Thursday, September 02, 2004

TORn Dragon Con shirt revealed! - Xoanon @ 22:26 PST

TORn Dragon Con shirt revealed!TORn Dragon Con shirt revealed!TORn Dragon Con shirt revealed!

ATLANTA - Three new shirts will make their premeir at Dragon Con in Atlanta this weekend! All three will be available on line after the convention along with a fourth golf style shirt with a TORn embroidered logo.

Here we present the approximate graphics of these new shirts, although the color and details are meant to convey the idea and are not perfect..

The first shirt pokes a little friendly fun at TORnados who have seen the films, fallen in love with a certain Elf but haven't managed to pick up the book yet.

The second is another play on the ring theme in popular culture and the third is a "thank you" to Peter Jackson and his film-making team complete with a seven-color process image of the movie-saint himself!

Those of you heading to or already in Atlanta, stop by our fan table in the Marriott where you can be the first to own one of these new beauties. staff is also heavily involved in Tolkien tract. We have a sneak-peak of the ROTK extended edition on Saturday and will be involved in general merrymaking for the entire weekend. Those not involved in the massive and spectacular annual convention will be able to order the three convention shirts and the fourth collared option in a few weeks. Until then, enjoy this sneak peek.