Wednesday, September 01, 2004

War of the Ring Boardgame - Xoanon @ 19:39 PST
War of the Ring Boardgame Francesco writes: War of the Ring is finally in distribution, starting from France (last week) and currently Italy and the US. The following weeks will see the game distributed in the UK, Holland, Germany, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

War of the Ring Boardgame War of the Ring is the most recent major game release based on the Lord of the Rings saga. Published the world over, the game is produced by the Italian company Nexus Editrice in 8 different languages, on a license by Sophisticated Games (UK). The game has been designed by an all-Italian team of designers: Roberto Di Meglio , at his debut as a 'professional' designer, has penned several games featured in Nexus gaming magazines; Francesco Nepitello and Marco Maggi have a rich catalogue of collaborations, including the award-winning X-Bugs (published in Italy, France, Germany and the U.S.), several card games for Dal Negro, Hector and Achilles for Phalanx Games, the Roman-fantasy Rpg Lex Arcana and others.

War of the Ring Boardgame Sublicensors for the various editions include Fantasy Flight Games (US), Esdevium Games (UK), Tilsit (France), Phalanx Games (Germany and Holland), Devir (Spain and Portugal, Fantasy Shop (Greece).