Wednesday, February 11, 2004

TORn's Summer Convention Shirts now Available - MrCere @ 02:05 PST

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Because fans asked for it, and because they pleaded, begged, demanded and insisted, the official TORn t-shirts previously available at last summer's conventions (like Comic-Con and Dragon Con) are now available!

Two styles are available with the third to come very soon. (The 'Don't make me get my Ring!' shirt). All shirts are high-quality, 6.1 ounce 100 percent cotton and will be shipped to your door in about 10-days from when you order for $20, or $25 for XXL shirts. Our "One Evil Wizard" shirt is available in black and steel blue while our popular "Lousy" shirt comes in a new red color and the traditional spruce green.

The back of the lousy shirt reads: "I WAS...chased from my house, stabbed by a wraith, assaulted by a mutant octopus, speared by a troll, stalked by a creepy little man, drawn into a corpse-filled swamp, poised by a giant spider, rendered unconcious...I even lost my Ring, AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT."

On the front of both shirts is the logo while the back of the 'One Evil Wizard' shirt says: "Immediate Opening: ONE EVIL WIZARD preferably powerful, for FT management position with well established group. Office in renovated tower provided with full staff. Must have skills in mind control, manipulation and motivatin of large groups. Genestics exp. a plus. Possible real estate acquisition if goal is obtained. Contact via seeing-stone or visit"

These shirts are available while supplies last.


Non-U.S. and Canada residents can also order shirts but should first email for shipping rates. Most countries are about $5 U.S. extra to ship overseas.

Questions and customer service concerns can also be sent to