Monday, November 17, 2003

Book Signing for The Lord of the Rings Location Guide Book - Tehanu @ 17:30 PST
IN case anyone in NZ hasn't heard of/got a copy of Ian Brodie's 'LOTR Locations Guide, those of you in Wellington can not only buy a copy but you can meet the man himself on Thursday, November 20, from 10.30-11.00. Ian Brodie will be at the LOTR Exhibition Store at Te Papa in Wellington signing copies of the just released Revised Edition of the best seller The Location Guide Book. If you're not in Wellington at the time you can go to If you order the book on-line before Wednesday 19th then we will make sure your copy is signed before we send it out to you. This book is a must have! It contains great pictures of the movie-sets around New Zealand and of the filming taking place from all three movies. It has maps and GPS references to help you find the sites and useful touring information including accommodation, food and entertainment. There are also contributions from the cast and crew including a forward by Peter Jackson. If you have any questions you can e-mail us at