Friday, November 07, 2003

Official Line Party T-Shirts! - MrCere @ 18:12 PST is pleased to announce a uniform for its movie-loving army!

In response to our 10,000 or more expected Lord Of The Rings fans participating in Line Party festivities this year, we are excited to present the official Line Party t-shirt.

Official Line Party T-Shirts!

To help TORnados find each other on movie day and to enable fans to be an official part of Line Party 3, we are offering for U.S. residents a $20 (shipping included) t-shirt.

On the front is the LP3 and TORn logos while on the back it says: "One cannot simply walk into theaters, there are geeks there that do not sleep."

Also on the back is "2003 World Tour" and many of the major cities around the world that are participating in TORn's LP3 festivities including "...and every city from here to there and back again."

All shirts are white with blue and gold lettering, although if we sell enough white shirts and there is demand, the color scheme could change.

Other shirts, including some available at last summer's convention circuit might also become available if demand warrents it. Order now via PayPal at "" account. All shirts ordered before December 4 will arrive in time to wear to LP3 events.

Those who live overseas and are willing to pay what can sometimes be significant shiping costs, please contact: with your request. Groups would be encouraged to send orders together to save on costs.

Check out the shirt!!