Saturday, November 01, 2003

Ahhh!!!! Poke Your Eyes Out! - Xoanon @ 23:11 PST

Arwen & Aragorn/Barbie & Ken Dolls
The Aragorn/Ken Doll

Anonymous writes:

Here are some clear pictures of Arwen and Aragorn in the doll set made by Mattel:

These are pictures of the production dolls you can buy, they are not Mattel's promo dolls. The dolls used in promo shots usually look better because Mattel's photo stylists use carefully handpainted doll faces and handsewn clothing for the promo photos. I haven't seen the December Barbie Bazaar magazine yet but I am willing to bet the LOTR dolls they show are Mattel's special promo dolls made to look their absolute best.

Magma Heritage is a doll dealer in Singapore and they always receive Mattel dolls a few weeks before dealers in the U.S. do. They ship all over the world but I have never bought dolls from them so I can not comment on their service.

Most of the big doll dealers reduce prices so even with s&h tacked on you can probably find a better deal online than in a local store.