Saturday, November 01, 2003

Ken & Barbie Go Geek - Xoanon @ 19:36 PST
True-Hearted Easterling writes: The December 2003 issue of Barbie Bazaar magazine has more details on the Lord of the Rings giftset, as well as a picture (sorry – no scanner). Yes, the magazine really spelled it “Aragom.”

“Barbie doll and Ken doll play Arwen and Aragom in the third movie of this epic trilogy, Lord of the Rings. Ken as Aragom wears an elaborate costume featuring a cloak and body armor, crown and sword. Barbie as Arwen looks serenely beautiful in a light green gown with long sleeves lined in white chiffon and silvery loop trim on the bodice and sleeves. Her long flowing hair is adorned with a beaded butterfly pattern hair ornament. This limited edition Lord of the Rings Giftset (copyright NLP, Inc. TM Tolkien Ent. lic. to New Line.) will be sold at $59.95 suggested retail and will be released November 15th, 2003."