Tuesday, October 14, 2003

More ToyBiz ROTK Toys - Xoanon @ 21:50 PST

ToyBiz ROTK Action Figures - Gandalf

Knight of Gondor writes: Here are some pics of Gandalf and Dernhelm ToyBiz action figures.

Also, here's the back of the box text:

Gandalf: As the spectre of darkness grows over Middle-Earth and Sauron's armies issue forth from the Black Gate to lay siege to the lands of Men, Gandalf knows that in this war, victory can not be won by force of arms alone. All hope now lay with the success of Frodo's quest, and to that end the White Wizard marshals the forces of the free peoples in a desperate bid to distract Sauron's gaze from his own lands. Like a radiant beacon of hope in desperate times, Gandalf musters the defenses of Gondor and councils the leaders to stand firm in the face of the darkness. Every moment so gained brings Frodo another step closer to Mount Doom.

Éowyn: Forbidden to join the Men of Rohan in battle by her uncle, King Théoden, Éowyn takes on the armour of a young soldier and hides her feminine features beneath a sturdy helm. Thus garbed, and armed with her bright sword, she takes a horse and rides to war in secret as a man of the cavalry of Rohan to join the fight for Minas Tirith. Though raised a lady, Éowyn is no stranger to bearing arms. Her skill with a blade is no less than her King's soldiers' and, when all others are dead or gone, it is she who comes bravely to his aid.