Wednesday, September 24, 2003

New LOTR Bookmarks from Antioch - Xoanon @ 11:17 PST

New LOTR Bookmarks from Antioch

Garfeimao writes: Antioch is releasing a set of High End special bookmarks for TTT. This is a scan of their sell sheet, which is something that bookstores are sent so they can order the bookmarks they want to sell. The general public can't buy most Antioch stuff directly, but they can ask their local bookstores for some of these way cool items.

The two Rohan banners are cloth bookmarks, the two with medallions are tooled leather bookmarks with the medallions in the center. The One Ring bookmark has a fold out of the Map of Middle Earth, while the Frodo bookmark has a fold out of the Characters of Middle Earth. The final two have laser cut fronts that reveal a secret image inside. I particularly like the one with the image of the One Ring under water and fish above it, which then reveals Gollum inside. The final is a collectors set with an Exclusive Treebeard bookmark that can only be found in this set. [More]