Saturday, August 16, 2003

Orthanc Arrives.... - Tehanu @ 07:26 PST
Vilyakeeper writes, "I had just returned home, and started for my upstairs room, when I turned the corner and almost tripped over a box. Seeing 'Sideshow' in the label, I quickly realized that something I had pre-ordered long ago finally had come...Orthanc!! It's about 12 inches tall, all black, and it has tons on little carved etches in it. At the bottom of the tower are the stairs that Saruman walks down when we first see him in FOTR. On the base there is even a 'spiky-wheel' - something that I've seen referred to, but that I refuse to read about until after ROTK!! (Some things are better left as a surprise, no matter how minor!)
So, to all who have ordered, they are finally arriving. Yea!!! Now I just hope they make Barad-Dur next year......"