Tuesday, March 18, 2003

ROTK: Action Figure Goodness! - Xoanon @ 14:42 PST
entertainmentearth.com has made a bunch of ROTK action figures available online for pre-order! There are no pictures available yet, but some of the names can give you chills to think about!

Series 1 - October 2003 - Witch King in Armor, Frodo in Orc Amor, Sam in Orc Armor, Eomer

Series 2 - October 2003 - Gollum Crawling, Aragorn with Anduril, Eowyn in Armor, Gandalf The White

Series 3 - October 2003 - Eowyn, Gollum with Smeagol Phrase, Prologue Bilbo, Treebeard (8 inch), Gollum with Precious Phrase.

Series 4 - October 2003 - King Aragorn, Pippin in Armor, Harad Archer, King Theoden in Armor, Legolas