Friday, January 17, 2003

Asylum Makes Mini LOTR Toys - Xoanon @ 19:00 PST
Lawrence writes:

Just a heads-up.... the toy company Art Asylum will be doing a line of LOTR figures in a "mini" style, like the imported Japanese "Kubrick" figures. (a recent interview with Elijah had him mention his love of the "Amelie" Kubrick). AA also did Crouching Tiger figures, including Mini figures.

There have been solicitations for three-packs and playsets -- so this is going to be a BIG launch, it seems, with a LOT of interest in a blossoming style of figure (surely you've seen the Trek mini figs, plus KISS, No Doubt, Ozzy, not to mention all the imported Japanese ones).

Here's the info:

"Wonder what one of those lines I can't talk about just yet, but think will be a hot 2003 line is? Well I can confirm it's Lord of the Rings Minimates..

I first got told about these some months ago, and I would like to apologise to everyone at Art Asylum, for my constant bugging them to ask if I can reveal it. Sorry guys, but I think this line WILL be hot!

Why? Well think about it. Imagine if they did a Uruk Hai that came with a variety of armor, which would allow you to buy multiples and have a whole damn army. How cool would this be?

Now, I KNOW this whole thing BEGS further details, but an official announcement to the media is some time off, and we won't see these, last I heard, until the US ToyFair. You guys just got to hear about it AHEAD of an official announcement! [More]