Friday, January 17, 2003

Middle-earth Fabric: Cloaks and Scarves at Te Papa - Tehanu @ 03:05 PST
Frodo's Girl writes: The folks who made the fabric for the elvish cloaks in LOTR are selling some products, and [New Zealand's national museum] Te Papa has them. Stansborough Gotland Fibre has a scarf (50cmx180cm), a throw (135cmx180cm) and a lined cloak. The fabric is gorgeous. A warning, the cloak is lined and has a much smaller hood than Frodo and co.'s have. It is a gorgeous piece, but those looking for costume authenticity will be a bit disappointed.

Te Papa has all the products for sale, and though they cannot be currently found online here [but they have a lot of other nifty LOTR stuff there online] I talked to the sales team, and they said anyone interested could write to them at and arrange purchse and mailing. The scarf sells for $139 (NZD), the throw for $299 (NZD), and the cloak for $1900 (NZD). [Currently the $NZ is worth around 50c US - Tehanu]