Thursday, November 14, 2002

10" Sauron Figue Review - Xoanon @ 13:21 PST
The Ring Slave writes:

Thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that the figure is incredible. Aside from the imposing frame, fantastic articulation and an abundance of movement points for posing - the voice chip is so loud that my neighbor heard it through my office wall! Pushing the bottom on the back generates one of the following four quotes:

"Build me an army worthy of Mordor"

"There is no life in the void"

"You cannot hide"

"I see you"

What's even better is that it sounds great! The clips are crisp, clear, and true to the movie - not poorly done re-edits as other manufacturers have tried to pawn off on the buying public (anyone remember the inaudible sound chips that came with the Phantom Menace figures???). Sauron's ring-hand comes apart and the ring is its own separate unit. Here's the kicker - they give you a packet of 4 extra rings in case you start losing them - a nice touch! TORN - Best site on the web!!!

Get yours from for 19.99 today