Monday, October 14, 2002

Halloween Sale on Lord of The Rings TM Jewelry - Xoanon @ 21:55 PST
Through October 31, 2002, will have their Gollum TM Gold One Ring TM Necklaces ON SALE.

Sale prices start at $29.95. This is the most popular One Ring TM item that Badali Jewelry sells. The Gollum TM Gold One Ring TM is a 24k gold plated bronze ring which looks just like solid gold. The Gollum TM Gold One Rings TM are produced from the same molds as the Badali Jewelry gold and silver One Rings TM, with the exact same engraving of the runes. The rings are available in One Size Only (approximately size 9 ). We do not size these, they are intended for display or to be worn as a necklace and are sent with a 24" gold plated chain. The chain is removable. Sale ends October 31, 2002.

We are constantly designing new jewelry products for the fantasy and sci-fi audience. New this this month: Elder Furhark Rune Dice, Elven Jewelry, as well as our Elven Rings of Power TM from the works of Tolkien. [More]