Saturday, October 05, 2002

Meditations on Middle-Earth Info - Xoanon @ 10:41 PST

Meditations on Middle-Earth

Edited by Karen Haber, Illustrations by John Howe
October 2002

A collection of original essays on Tolkien from the world's best-selling fantasy writers.

In Meditations on Middle Earth, sixteen best-selling fantasy authors reflect on the importance of The Lord of the Rings to their lives and their work. Each of them was influenced by the master mythmaker, and now each reveals the nature of that influence and their personal relationships with the greatest fantasy novels ever written in the English language. Authors included are:

George R.R. Martin
Orson Scott Card
Terry Pratchett
Ursula Le Guin
Gene Wolfe
Charles de Lint
Harry Turtledove
And More!

Also included is stunning original art by John Howe, the world's foremost Tolkien illustrator, who worked closely with director Peter Jackson on the film trilogy. This blockbuster book is an absolute must-have for Tolkien fans.


"This set of essays on the fantasy classic's influence sets the bar very high...good stuff."--Booklist

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