Wednesday, September 25, 2002

TTT Merch Hitting More Stores? - Xoanon @ 16:34 PST
FrodoFan1 writes: I was at my Local K-Mart in Perth Western Australia and I came across a very interesting discovery. In the toy section there before me was Sting. TTT style. Yes in the marone box with Saruman and Sam and Frodo on the box. It's basically the same as the Sting for FOTR was but different packaging.

Also going in to my specialty book store I was looking at the LOTR books. I noticed something BIG! NEW COVERS!!! yes that's right there are new covers to the books. They were sitting in a stand With Frodo up the top with the ring in bag end, a close up. FOTR is blue with Helms Deep on the cover. TTT is Baradur and is green. ROTK is orange and has Orthanc on it. They are very much like the first book series but different pictures.

Also went in to my local dress makers shop and whilst looking at the comstumes I came across LOTR costumes. Now they are Simplicity patterns and I think they are also sold in France to. The pattern is Simplicity and the number of the pattern is 9887. They are patterns for the Nazgul, Gandalf, Frodo and Galadriel.

Just thought I'de let you know as i haven't heard anything about the new covers yet and thought you all might want to know. There you go.