Monday, September 16, 2002

TTT Toy Pics! - Xoanon @ 22:42 PST

Gilian writes: I got some of the Two Towers figures today, and I thought you might be interested in a few pictures. They have even more detail than the ones from FOTR; you can see all the decoration on Legolas' costume, including the leaf brooch and the peacock on his quiver. Legolas is the most articulated of the figures so far I think. I was even able to put him on Asfaloth.It's just too bad that my particular one has two left feet! The feet on the Archer, Faramir, and the Gondor Guy are not only articulated front to back, but side to side, making them much easier to pose. The Elven armor for Helm's Deep is gorgeous, even prettier than the Last Alliance stuff. The Archer is quite possibly my favorite so far, (I want a whole row of them!) but why they couldn't have put Haldir in that pack is beyond me!