Monday, July 29, 2002

Anyone For Bowling? - Xoanon @ 14:05 PST
By the way I bowl you'd NEVER want me on your team, but that didn't stop us from getting these amazing bowling shirts made from the best Bowling Shirt maker online, They documented the process for us to show you just how these masterpieces are put together!

The shirt Design

The first step is the design of the shirts front and back logo. The wornderful designwork was done by Elwing and the shirt layout by Calisuri.

Creating the screens

The second step involves actualy making the screens that will be used to print onto the shirts. This is where the design goes from a computer sprite to an actual physical layout, fun stuff!

Setting Up the Screen

Next the screen needs to be setup and ready to print onto the shirt.

Underlay Print

The underlay print is done first, this is the basic print on the shirt, and the first step in the actual making of the shirt.

The White Print

Here is what the underlay print looks like, white with no other colors.

Setting Up the Color Print

The color print is the next step in this process. All colors used in our design will be done seperately using this whirly-bird looking contraption.

The Color Print

Here is the color print, the shirt is almost ready to go!

In the Dyer

The shirt is dried to ensure the ink doesn't smudge or run, looks like a pizza oven to me.

Out of the Dryer

After the shirt is done in the dryer...slip it on!

The Final Look

And here we have it! The TORN Bowling Shirt!

We may be selling a slightly different version of these shirts if interest is high enough. Email and tell him you're interested!!

Here is more about the extremely nice and personable people at (Of all the companies we work with, they were probably the easiest and most accomodating to date.) offers the largest selection of retro style unisex bowling shirts on the Web -- available blank, theme-printed, hand-embroidered, & with personalized chainstitched names. We have over 25 years experience creating custom printed bowling shirts for corporate events & bowling league teams. has made its mark in the media and corporate world, recently creating custom bowling shirts for NBC's Today Show, ABC's Nightline, Playboy, Newsweek, MTV's Rock & Bowl, Lucasfilm Ltd., PepsiCo, Anheuser-Busch, and countless others. is your one-stop shop for gifts, collectibles & accessories -- Rental style bowling shoes, bowling bag purses, martini shakers, sport pin-up girl gifts, Hawaiian shirts, catseye glasses & shades, vintage Vegas collectibles, & our Cruisin' USA brand of poodle skirts, Pink Ladies & T-Birds jackets, chenille emblems, and fifties party decorations. Voted #1 E-Commerce Bowling Site by TIME Magazine (Dec. 2000).