Sunday, April 07, 2002

'Bootleg' Toys? - Xoanon @ 14:10 PST
I've never heard of bootlegged toys before, but who knows in this day and age, blyxa sends us a 'buyer beware' letter from the Philippines, just take a look at those pics...very odd indeed...

I recently purchased some Asian LOTR action figures off eBay from a seller in the Philippines, and I thought readers of TheOneRing might want to take a look at them. The quality and detail aren't the best (probably bootleg) , but I still thought they were interesting. I bought Legolas, Elrond, and Celeborn. Legolas comes with a bow, arrows, quiver, a dagger, and a Ringwraith (spelled "Ringwaraith"!) trading card. Elrond comes with a staff, a scroll, a book, and a Saruman trading card. Celeborn has a staff, a trident-style sceptre, a (throwing?) star, a golden pouch, and a Gimli card.

The characters aren't named on the front of the box, but they are listed on the back along with the other figures available, and you wouldn't believe some of the "alternate" names they're given! Merry is listed as "Ban", Elrond as "Michael", Galadriel as "Cecilia", Celeborn as "Ralph", and poor Boromir gets saddled with "Ned"!! (Can't this guy ever get a break?) These figures are still being sold on eBay for pretty affordable prices, but the real cost comes from shipping, which is quite steep from the Philippines, so buyer beware!