Saturday, March 30, 2002

Good News For Music Lovers -UPDATE- - Xoanon @ 14:06 PST
Elfish writes: After months of waiting, I was finally able to get the FOTR music book(piano/vocal/chords) from my local music store yesterday.

The book includes six pieces from the (Academy Award Winning -Xo) soundtrack: The Prophecy, Many Meetings, Aniron (Theme for Aragorn and Arwen), Lament For Gandalf (Featured in "Lothlorien"), In Dreams (Featured in "the Breaking Of The Fellowship"), and May It Be.

I asked about the possibility of a music book containing the whole score - or at least a few more songs - but it seems that this will be the only one (other than perhaps an easier version, which would be strange because this one isn't that terribly difficult). In Dreams was also published on its own as sheet music in January.

The cover art is the final FOTR poster and the book includes some nice pictures from the sound track cover sheet (Frodo and Sting, the Riders in Bruinen, the four hobbits at Weathertop, etc.).

I don't know if the book is available to buy on the internet, but the ISBN is 0-7579-9273-0 and it's published by Warner Bros. Publications. The price here is $21.95 (CDN).

You can't possibly beat the incredible music from FOTR, so go buy it for yourself - even if you can't read music - and buy it for your friends - even if they can't read music - At the very least it looks impressive just sitting on the piano.


Many people have written in asking us where they can buy the music book that Elfish wrote in about, I asked her to find a few resources online, here is what she wrote to me:

I've tried to find the FOTR music book on amazon for you but doesn't seem to be there. (They do have the music book from the old animated film, though. [More]

But I did find it on ebay. [More] (the bid closes April 1)

And finally, Warner Bros. Publications has it on their site. [More]

Happy hunting!