Thursday, March 28, 2002

The Art Of FOTR - Xoanon @ 16:29 PST
From Probe Droid:

I thought you Rings heads would be interested to know that in addition to the two film tie-in titles already available, this June will see The Art of the Fellowship of the Ring hitting bookstores. The 192-page book contains 500 illustrations (drawings, photos, sculptures) relating to the film and includes "detailed sections on locations, creatures, costumes, and armor."

The little eight-page promo piece I have has some very interesting stuff including sketches for alternate incarnations of Sauron. It will also have intros by Jackson and a few of the film's tech people. Looks to be a nice book, but the downside is that it will set you back $35, which, I suppose, isn't too awful.

I scanned the cover and a few interior images so you can see examples of what's included.

Pre-Order the book today!