Thursday, February 21, 2002

Elvish Brooch On Sale? - Xoanon @ 10:22 PST
LinneaBlue writes:

I just wanted to share some news with you. I e-mailed the company The Noble Collection (TNC), who makes replicas of Sting, The One Ring, and Arwen Evenstar’s Pendant, and other products, in inquiry whether they will be offering a replica of the leaf brooch the Fellowship receives from the elves.

Elvish Brooch from the film, made by Jasmine Watson

I received an e-mail back from TNC. Quote from Customer Service at TNC:

“Yes we will [make a replica of the brooch]. I believe it will be coming out this year but I'm not sure weather it will be in our spring issue or the holiday issue.”

You can contact them with any questions at 800-866-2538 for Customer Service. They have a webpage, if you are interested in purchasing any items they are crafting. I am thinking about getting a brooch myself!