Wednesday, February 13, 2002

FOTR DVD & VHS Release: Late May/Early June? - Strider @ 19:30 PST
From Sean:

I just noticed the fact that we can now pre-order the Art of the Fellowship of the Ring on both sides of the Atlantic now, on and However, I noticed some interesting differences in the amazon blurb:

1. first of all, the book will arrive in the UK before the US (20th of May instead of "June 2002".... I'm not sure what the reason is for this.

2. the UK blurb has a page count: 192 pages

3. most interestly though is the final line of the UK blurb:

Published to tie-in with the launch of the video and DVD, this is the first of three books that will complete a set to accompany the film trilogy.

Uhm, is this just a mistake, or do the publishers (who generally provide the blurb) know something we don't? will FotR be released in late May/early June? I wish I knew!

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