Sunday, January 20, 2002 shotglasses review! - Gamgee @ 12:04 PST
I have recently received 2 shotglasses from for reviewing purposes, and let me just say, it a rare and wonderful treat to see such beautifully crafted pieces! The ones I received were the Gandalf shot glass and the Smaug shot glass. The first thing that suprised me when I opened these fine gifts was the sheer weight of the glasses, I knew right off these were quality products. Such intricate details, such as Smaug's scales, and the fine hairs in Gandalf's beard are adhered to with suprising accuracy. If you are in need of a fine gift for a true Tolkien fan this year, I would definitely reccomend visiting our friend's at fantasypewter, they really know how to please the insane Tolkienite! [More]