Sunday, December 02, 2001

LOTR Playing Cards - Xoanon @ 18:53 PST
From: Faramir

My partner and I were in the Eckerd drug store last night and what do I find among a pile of Harry Potter stuff - a deck of LOTR playing cards. It was like I was meant to have them - it never would have occurred to me to look for LOTR items in the Eckerd, and I certainly wasn't in the market for playing cards.

Pure great luck - and my partner was kind enough to buy them for me (I guess as a Thanksgiving gift). I have attached some scans of them. "LOTR Playing cards 1" has 4 of the cards with some scenes I haven't seen before. "LOTR Playing Cards 2" has 2 more cards like that - plus the Wild Card, the back of the cards and the box. I would have sent them in individual scans, but then sending them would have taken all day on my 56K modem (I must find out how to hook up an Ethernet system between our two household computers so I can get a cable modem).

Hope these are something you are interested in posting - and if so, that the scans are good enough.
Since everyone seems to have a LOTR alias, I have decided to have one too. I have chosen the personality closest to my own. [Cards1] [Cards2]