Sunday, October 21, 2001

LOTR Sword Pics & More - Xoanon @ 22:21 PST
From: Jon

I am a die-hard Tolkein fan who happened to be in a Houston Texas Toys-R-Us today and found this Lord of the Rings Toy Sword! I bought it and took these pictures with a web-cam. The sword was $20.00, it is 29 inches long and plays two sounds. The pictures show the sword in detail. There is a depiction of a tree on the handle, so this is a sword used by a Numenorean, although there is no reference to that on the packaging. The pictures show the hilt, handle, buttons for sound, the blade, and the packaging. I have also attached a recording of the two sounds. Enjoy!

[Sword Sound 1] [Sword Sound 2]

PS: Also in stores was an Uruk-Hai Bow and Arrow. I didn't buy it but from what I saw it was a Lord of the Rings nerf gun with similar packaging. Somebody else will have to buy it and send you some pics.