Sunday, October 14, 2001

Easton Press Editions of LOTR - Xoanon @ 13:18 PST

From: sindarin

Easton Press offers leather bound copies of many types of books, from Tolkien to Plato, the Books of Moses, the collected writings of Thomas Jefferson and the Oxford references. All their books are leather bound, Smyth-sewn pages of acid neutral paper, moire fabric endsheets, "hubbed" spines, and page ends. The leather bindings are inlaid with 22kt gold on the spines. Needless to say the books are not inexpensive, but they are designed to last a very long time and will certainly add a touch of elegance to any library. The Tolkien books are sold in a set of five and are $53 US per book. The size of the books is 6" x 9", which is the size of the first edition printing of the Silmarillion.